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  1. What’s really quite “curious” about children’s [“under 18”] underwear — BOTH boys and girls — are the graphics and contrasting colors specifically placed in certain [obvious] areas — while maintaining through political correctness that “children are never sexual.” Yet, children (both sexes) “fight” their parents to wear certain underwear with the graphics of whatever movie, music or caricature they are attracted to at those ages. BOTH adults and children alike love having the graphics to “show off” — but to whom, and more importantly, why?

    I’ll let YOU answer those questions.

    I’m not at all against the millions of graphics on boys underwear, but I find the hypocrisy of the adults who adamantly insist (while buying these graphic-coated underwear for their children) that children are not sexual in any way [Yeah, right.] quite amazing that anyone will actually “buy that.”

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