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This underwear shop from Japan has a certain way to advertise their products. This was a choice… ;)


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  1. These are adverts in Japan? I don’t think you would get away with that in Australia – in fact, I don’t think I have ever seen any advertising of underwear showing boys between 11 – 18 down here.

  2. What I find intriguing for underwear to be advertised and sold in Japan, is that the text on them is in English. But, maybe these are just to be sold in Australia and New Zealand?

    “Let’s get naked” — rather funny, since to be seen while being worn, no one is “naked.”

    Now to address the hypocrisy of children’s underwear — not in Asia, but in America and Australia, to be more specific:

    Young children’s underwear are being sold with the ever-popular graphics of cartoon characters and “superhero” characters — directly across the front covering the very areas these governments / people are clamoring about, hollering “pedophilia!!!” They’re also splashed across the center of both buttocks as well. And parents’ reactions to all these graphics? “Oh, isn’t that cute?” and “Which [hero/cartoon] one do you like/want to wear, Johnny/Bessie?”

    And then they want to shame and try to prosecute adults who just happen to look at these graphics [as ANY person would do] when the kids are in public wearing ONLY these clothes.

  3. Great Ads! I worked in the advertising business for a while, I would have loved to have been in that concept meeting and the photo shoot. That would have been a great day at work.

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