Boys Like Boys, a gay dating show without fake drama

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There’s a new Taiwanese series that stands out from the pack of dating shows simply by being, well… simple! It’s called Boys Like Boys, and it’s breaking new ground in international television.

With no manufactured drama, no ultimatums, and no adult film star hosts, Boys Like Boys eschews gimmicks in favor of genuine human and emotion in connection—it might be the closest reality television gets to actual being real.

Its refreshingly straightforward premise brings eight young, gay Taiwanese men together under one roof, hewing closer to the Real World format, meaning they’re not trapped in the production home and are free to go out into the world for dates and such.

The trailer above will give you an idea of the laidback vibe, though for whatever reason it’s edited in such a way that you never see the housemates full faces. Just a head’s up that this is not the case for the series itself, or even other clips of the show—you definitely see everything.

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