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    1. choreographed gymnastics and athletically done dance are not that different from one another. the difference is in how it is being evaluated: embedded in this choreography are all sorts of moves that can be scored — e.g., as in figure skating.

  1. Wow, that is one of the most beautifully choreographed things I have ever seen.

    Oh to have a tenth of their agility !

    Thanks Josh.

  2. If you click to watch this on YouTube instead of this imbedded video, there are more of this gymnastics type of videos from Japan. Worth it to look.

  3. Then after all that precision, one of the them trips off the stage. Seriously, though, with all the endless repetition I did with my partner so we could perform a two-person karate kata for part of a studio demonstration, I can’t imagine how much practice these guys went through for such ballet.

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