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John and Nicholas are 15 and best friends. They’re very interested in girls but feel rather insecure when it comes to a first sexual encounter. That’s why they decide that they will get some ‘practice’ on each other…

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  1. Cute enough movie …. good looking guys. They just need a slightly better interpreter for the subtitles. :-)

    Interesting how, in Sweden, they still seem to have American ways of presenting “sexuality” — their “self-” censors are hard at work for them as well.

    But I enjoyed it.

  2. Hmmm. I wonder just how many (and how frequently) American “straight” boys play the game similar to this? Would make a great “research” and poll (if they would actually tell the truth).

    1. Lots of them did it with me in Junior High and High School. Of course, they thought I was completely str8 too. That made it all OK. Sex between straight boys was simply convenience and purely recreational. No romance, no bromance, no-homo, just an aspect of the trust that exists between close friends. Sharing each other’s bodies was no different than sharing a pizza. Except it was kept a very big secret. However, if they knew I was truly bisexual…it would have been a different story.

      Teenage boys usually jerk-off once or twice a day. When you spend all day with your best friend, and it turns into a sleepover or campout as well, and then it turns into a whole weekend, your ‘schedules’ inevitably cross. You both need to do it, you both know each other does it, neither of you has done it lately – voila – the solution is obvious…and… who knew it felt soooo good to help each other out! It was also a simple matter to introduce your new ‘buddy’ to your other ‘buddies.’ And find yourself being introduced to your new ‘buddy’s’ other ‘buddies.’ So many ‘buddies.’ I loved school. And everybody was straight. (wink)

      1. Yea, especially happened during one of those back-yard tent-sleep-outs on a cool or cold over-night when it became expedient to sleep in the same sleeping-bag to, ahem, keep warm(er).

      2. I had many, many campouts with benefits and sleepovers with happy endings when I was in my late tweens-early teens… The tricky part was figuring out if a budd wanted to mess around. You could test the waters by wrestling or some tickling… After lights-out, roll toward him and “stretch,” so your leg or forearm was against his package… If he got a raging boner in his underpants, that was the green light. If he rolled away, the night was meant for sleeping. It was the darkness and not talking that gave your friend “plausible deny-ability.”

  3. Well, John (the bottom-boy) had a rather painful “first time”.


    I guess I’ve watched too much porn because I was expecting him to suddenly start moaning in ecstasy after a few in’s-and-out’s from his top friend. Should have known better…

    Charming and sweet short-film though… enjoyed it.

    1. BitterOldQueen: Like the gay novels where Ethan sighs “I’ve never done this before,” as I slip my beer-can thick 10 inches into his virgin hole.

  4. That’s one of the big tragedies of our current culture – the automatic connection made by most everybody (but the actual boys involved) between mutual masturbation and educational, informational, sexperimentation with homosexuality. It’s actually rarely the case. All but a couple of percents of the boys who played with boys back when they were boys move on to happy, heterosexual lives.Those couple of percents left over move on to happy gay lives. And there’s a percent or two of boys like me move on to happily play for both teams. Let us hope everyone lives happily ever after.

    Most straight boys do boys first. And after that, they do girls. Whoopee! Young adolescent males have no firm sexual preference. They usually end up with a sexual preference for girls once they’ve been there and done that, but until then, they’ll settle for each other. However, they do have a definite relationship preference, and that’s their real ‘orientation.’ For 97% of boys, real love and romance are reserved exclusively for girls. A girlfriend – yes, a boyfriend – never. They enjoy the camaraderie of bromances, there may even be a sexual component, but aside from the ‘gay’ physicality of digital, oral and anal play, it is all just available, convenient, recreational, no-homo fun and relief. Meaningful, consequential, and right-of-passage sex is all hetero.

    We are destroying the willingness of boys to play with each other by calling it all gay and labeling participants as queers. It isn’t and they’re not. And it’s replacing the delicious, dirty little secret behaviors by which boys necessarily push the envelop and rebel against conformity with guilt, fear and anxiety. Consensual sex play, even between young boys, is necessary for information, forming and owning a healthy individuality, establishing a sense of independence, and personal control over his life. In short, growing up and becoming ‘himself.’. We’re turning normal, curious, adventurous kids into basket cases.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, except perhaps when you say “Most straight boys do boys first.” It may have been true until a recent past, but I’m not sure it is still the case. In fact, most recent polls show that teens in the US get less sex now than in previous decades, and I observe a trend for teens towards “prudery” imposed by cultural shift, fear-mongers and control-freak parents. Ok, they may watch porn more easily than ever, but getting some time with other teens without monitoring, enjoying nakedness among peers, … may become a scarcer and scarcer experience nowadays.

      At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised to see male teenagers wear some kind of burqa within a century. In fact, I wouldn’t like to be 12 in the current society (like my young cousin, who I wish will get some fun all the same…). This is definitely not the best time to be a teenager, in my opinion.

  5. I think ignorance was definitely bliss back in my youth — the early 50’s. “Homosexfiends,” as one of our gang thought the medical terms for “queers” or “fairies” was, were almost mythical creatures as rare as unicorns. You might recognize one if you went into Boston, but you certainly never saw one in a movie or on TV, and they had nothing to do with any of the guys we knew who might have given someone a blow-job or tried getting corn-holed “just to see what it was like.” One of our gang was demonstratively in love with one of the other guys – always all over him and trying to kiss him – and it still had absolutely nothing to do with being a queer as far as the rest of the gang was concerned.

    When I was working in a shipping room in New York (1954) one of the guys, who was a real bad-ass, came in and recounted how he’d gone to the village the night before and gotten a blow-job from a fairy who had saved the results “for later.” Neither he nor the guys he was telling the story to thought for one second that he might himself be queer. And in some cultures that still holds true. I have a friend who is a nurse and had an Hispanic patient who was HIV positive. The team dealing with the guy kept trying to find out how he had gotten infected and the guy insisted on the soul of his dead mother, on the heads of his living children, that he didn’t do drugs and had never had a homosexual experience. Finally, someone thought to ask him is he had ever f***ed a man and his answer was “of course.”

    That kind of denial is all but impossible for most of today’s America teenagers: but they are getting around it by having created this “bromance” (no homo) category. And by introducing a girl into the mix in the form of Skype sex encounters where the girl can convince the guys to do things to each other in order to watch the girl do things to herself. (I often wonder how these guys would react if they knew these episodes were turning up on gay porn channels.) Finally, when I lived in Rome in the 70’s, the boys had a wonderful solution: whatever they liked to do, it was other thing that homos did, what they liked to do was just “messing around”; everyone did that. And if they liked to do everything, then it was kissing that made you gay. They would NEVER kiss a guy!!! In short, the more it changes, the more it stays the same. Ya, I know this is too long.

    1. @Bob:

      Great post — have to agree with all of it. Especially the last paragraph — spot on!

      “(I often wonder how these guys would react if they knew these episodes were turning up on gay porn channels.)”

      I often wonder just why they do it together in the first place in front of a camera. I tend to think that the guys really wanted to do things with each other and just use the web camera as an “excuse” to do it so that “girls” can get off to it (and I’m sure many of them do).

      Also, I wonder just who is doing the recording and why they record it. Intentionally to put on the web for “all” to see (and download)?

      1. The girls record it, but I’m not sure why unless they sell the resulting videos. A Berlin-bar acquaintance (an American) recently got 32 years for tricking straight guys into making these videos thinking they were dealing with girls. He had two friends/accomplices who got shorter but still life-destroying sentences. He was a very successful guy in his mid-to-late 30’s. He was caught with the porn on his cell phone while going through customs here in the states, which makes me think someone must have alerted the authorities. All this aside, I’ve always found him to be a real a-hole, but this is basically a death sentence for a what was at worst embarrassing episodes for the boys involved.

    2. Bob, so true! It was part of the unwritten code between boys who “messed around,” when I was middle-school age. Funny, how you could jerk your buddy off or blow him and that was just fine, only messing around… but try to KISS him!? THAT meant you were homo!

  6. I greatly enjoyed the video which brings back many memories….mostly good! Thanks so much for sharing it. I greatly like the Milkboys site.

  7. One “boygame” I’d like to know more about in today’s societies ….. 2 young teens playing some sort of video game (I don’t know which ones — GTA, maybe?) and strip down to masturbate themselves and each other, often progressing to sucking each others’ penis at least 6-8 strokes [or more] (what I’ve seen so far). And they must do this when their parents or other siblings are at home, because invariably they turn on their TVs, sometimes to a loud volume and their voices become inaudible because of it — and I really want to hear/understand what they’re saying so as to understand what’s going on psychologically.

    I’ve pointed this out a couple of times — I’ve seen at least a half-dozen really hot videos. And let’s not forget one of the “starters” — When Straights Go Gay — a hot “boygame” for their “girlfriends” that they decide to “practice more with each other.”

  8. It’s not a good idea that straight boys do like this just for practice! The practice may happen between them and their girlfriends. Before beginning a reasonable relation, one should feel than they needs love, and if there’s not such a need, having sexual games is nonsense.

    1. You seriously need to check what’s left of your ‘brain’ [after that virus called islam has pretty much decimated what’s remaining of it] because, at the very least, you need to be re-educated about getting education.

      When are you idiots ever going to actually learn and understand that islam is the worst cult humans have ever made-up (and it WAS made-up, make no mistake).

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