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  1. Nice – watching short films can be as much an art as making them – I hope everyone will give this a go and an honest chance!

  2. Several things:

    When I saw: “BOY is a short film by 15-year-old Danish director Lucas Helth Postma,” I must admit this is a very good ‘start’ for his directing career (if he chooses such).

    I was disappointed, only because I thought it could/should have been a bit longer, but it’s OK. I’m sure Lucas wanted to present a [reasonably] “happy ending” for this situation, but in doing so, the psychology took a turn on a dime when the mother asked for her son’s tie — after slapping [her] and trying to insist on her behaving “as she should [as a biological girl]”. But, it’s a great start for Lucas.

    Subtitles: I’m sure he didn’t have money for “professional” subtitle services (i.e., translation and therefore English spelling), but again, it’s OK.

    The lighting and camera work was excellent, I think.

    The exact opposite of Leelah but with a “happier” ending.

  3. I find it hilarious (but also rather pathetic) when middle-age geezers incorporate “boy” into their moniker or screen name.

  4. Nothing wrong with the word “boy” for a male of any age. Military officers have forever referred to the enlisted men under their command as their “boys.” The “boys of summer” refers to professional baseball players – all of whom are bona fide adults.The term “girls” is also appropriate for females of any age. Is “gal” an older girl? Who knows, who cares. A male who strikes up a relationship with a female will refer to her as his new girlfriend. The opposite is true – he’s her new boyfriend. No matter how old they are. The terms ‘manfriend’ or ‘womanfriend’ are ridiculous. Such a construction like ‘adolescent acquaintance’ for teenagers is no less so.

    We have years and years to suffer as adults, so lighten up, and let’s all be “boys” every chance we get. You’re only as old as your screen name. And yes, that makes me a horse. Whichever end is up to you, I’m down for all of it. Enjoy.

      1. “I find it hilarious (but also rather pathetic) when middle-age geezers incorporate “boy” into their moniker or screen name.”

        “Jack Boi

        Pretty much says it all, doesn’t it.

        You just didn’t expect horsey to lead the Budweiser Clydesdales over your bridge, did you?

    1. Well done, horsey, very well done. A most elequent yet commonly intelligent reply for those hiding under bridges …. with their parrots.

      Thank you. You know, I think if we were a reasonable driving distance apart, we could actually be friendly and sharing Sunday afternoon Bar-B-Que’s — chicken or beef? :-))

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