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  1. Yawn. All they do is sing and dance. NOBODY plays an instrument, even the drum set in the background is unattended. Gimme that ol’ time rock n roll any day.

    Anyway, I definitely prefer South Korean boys from Seoul to North Koreans.

  2. Music is OK enough — decent beat and rhythm — but they need to practice their English a hell of a lot more for the English fan base.

    Asian singing boy bands aren’t known for playing instruments — generally. One might play a piano or guitar, but that’s not common.

    And, they’re NOT from North Korea — he clearly said they’re from Seoul — check the map, it’s in the SOUTH.

    1. You misunderstood me. I meant that despite their lack of musicality, South Korean boys like these were preferable to North Koreans. .

  3. PLEASE stop this nonsense about N or S anybody. They are not musicians. The whole play is a play and am not one to like them. PERIOD. Prefer the early 1965 BEATLES, which. they, strangely, remind me of. The music of the video is not of this like. PERIOD.

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