Boy Beauty on the Rise

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Rimmel London has just joined the ranks of beauty brands extending their inclusivity to all genders. British YouTuber Lewys Ball is just 17, but he’s already one of the new stars of Rimmel’s latest campaign London Look.

Lewys appears alongside a slew of diverse models in a newly released video for the campaign, called #LiveTheLondonLook. Wearing a chartreuse bomber jacket and touching up his already fierce eyebrow game, Lewys declares in the vid, “Anybody can wear makeup, no matter who you are.”

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    1. That’s Lewys:
      He looks better to me without make-up or at least without overdoing it, he is quite cute in this video indeed. The guy in the first few seconds of the vid is even hotter, but I doubt somehow it’s all because of make-up…

      Looks a bit superficial and egocentric, I hope these guys and girls have other interests in their life and don’t live just for make-up and night life.

      1. @Chimel
        ~Thanks for the video link, I like him much better without makeup too but he seems to have found his niche which not only appears quite popular but possibly very profitable so he’s not just idly wasting his young life at the present.
        IMO I don’t think it’s just the ‘boy with makeup’ angle that got all those viewers and kept them too. He’s not only cute but he presents himself quite well, a bit too frantic for me but that seems to be the thing nowadays.
        No matter what I wish him the best…
        😘Think he’s gay?
        Here’s some more of just ‘Lewys’, many without all that makeup!

      2. “He looks better to me without make-up or at least without overdoing it, he is quite cute in this video indeed.”

        I agree.

  1. Um…. how is make-up for one gender any different from that for another gender? Or is the big deal that they’re supposedly using a transgender model? They flash all the models across the screen so fast it just looks like they’re all females unless you use the pause button.

    At any rate, color me unimpressed. Check back with me when they have a woman, transgender, and a man in the ad.

  2. “… enhance your features. Anyone can wear makeup no matter who you are.”

    Anyone CAN wear it but that doesn’t mean one NEEDS to wear it just becaues it’s accepted through a culture.

    Enhance your features? By applying makeup, any makeup, one is essentially applying layer(s) to cover their “features”, which is contradicting to the age-old saying, that “everyone is beautiful”. So, if you really “are” beautiful, why the necessity to cover it up with layers of colors and textures?

    Yes, I know there are practical and pragmatic reasons for some makeup — like actors under the bright lights of a studio or stage. As well as covering up those “beauty marks” [cough, cough] commonly known as moles (and many of those can be quite hairy and therefore ugly).

    But stop saying the idea of makeup gives you “confidence.” Are you saying you don’t have confidence with your natural face appearance?

    Sometimes we need a differing view.

    1. I agree with this opinion as long as it’s applied to techniques and products ment to conceal perceived flaws or enhance favored features. Most of the time others aren’t supposed to be aware make-up is being worn (which one could argue makes the wearer a liar).

      Other times, though, make-up is worn more as decoration (smokey-eye, goth make-up, unnatural colored lipstick, etc), similar to the way jewelry is worn. In those instances, it doesn’t really hold up.

  3. Wearinng make up makes you free? How come floin nt one but two scial standards make you free? This people barely understands what is going on with this trans propaganda in the political agenda…

  4. Far be it from me to tell anybody what they should or can do with their own body. I actually appreciate the art of make-up when it is used in drag to create illusion, but the truth is that whenever I see a boy wearing make-up I have two reactions: 1) I admire his courage to be so openly transgressive in an essentially homophobic society, and 2) I think how much better he would look without all that gunk on his face.

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