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  1. Sivan is like a Kardashian – famous just for being famous. In his case it’s because he’s openly gay, and that, for some impossibly stupid reason, seems to guarantee him an audience.
    He can’t pick a song to save his life and he can’t sing the ones he picks. Look at his moves in this – is he trying to be the next Pete Burns? Sivan needs to join with Ronan Parke, together start a boy band of young, mouthwatering hotties – oh – and hire somebody with brains to pick their songs. Sivan was adorably irresistible as an adolescent, but just like Bieber, in growing up, he’s lost most of that. Yeah, he’s still handsome, but who isn’t? OK, you’re right – Penboy isn’t. My bad.

    1. That’s it exactly..
      Trying to earn a dollar he’s somewhat lost the spark and creativity he once showed to the world.

      It leaves one feeling a bit sad to see him once energetic now trapped into the video equivalent of elevator music.
      David Bowie he’s not.

      Troy should be Troy — perhaps whatever contract he’s glued into prevents him being loopy, fun or anything else not generic and risking that positive cash flow.
      Watching a hothouse flower imprisoned in glass.
      A wonderful supermarket banana – until the first bite lets you know nothing but a white soggy completely bland yukkiness lies under that brilliant yellow.

      1. I don’t reply often but thought I’d mention a few things on here.

        Did you ever think that perhaps that Troye you’re looking for from the old days was not the real Troye? That he was acting a part, doing what he felt he had to do to gain subs and make Youtube cash. Perhaps this fashion Troye was always hidden and he just needed the success, and money, to be who and what he really wanted?

        To be honest I feel like the Troye I’ve seen since the hair color change is more the real Troye. Being not just gay but way out there gay. It might come from the boyfriend being a model, don’t know. Maybe it’s the security of having someone who will let you experiment.

        All I know is, to me (and everyone has different opinions) the Troye of today is far superior to the teen Troye. Both in looks and music. I never thought he could look as good as he does.

        1. Well said Darius, I absolutely agree, I don’t think he would be making videos like that unless he WANTED to. I think we are seeing the Troye he wishes to be or at least wishes to present to the world.

          1. Of course we all see things through different eyes. Often we see only what we want to see.

            It’s about artistic originality. Expression of character. Something exciting and wonderful.
            I don’t pick up any of that within the above video… There’s a sense of something manufactured and manicured to death.

            It’s all unimportant anyway. Hopefully he’ll make his millions. Find happiness. Have an excellent life.
            Go Troye… :)

    2. He’s not grotesque like Bieber has gotten though, do you think? Troye just seems like that kind of gay who finally figures it out and goes full bore with waving the rainbow flag. It’s a whole type. As for making pop music… As Hesh from the Sopranos once said about music, “it’s either good or its not good.” To be honest I’ve never listened to Troye, as I keep it on mute.

      I would have helped him, em, ‘bloom’, a long time ago… I wish him luck though.

    3. Nothing like a Kardashian. He’s built this from a lot of hardwork. And he wasn’t suddenly famous. It took years. Why are you uneccessarily bitchy? Jealous?

  2. Troye looks so much better now that he’s older. He was never really a cute boy, not like he is an adult. I think him having a model boyfriend has helped his style also, he’s no longer playing to the Taylor Swift audience now but right to his core gay audience. In addition he seems far more comfortable doing whatever he wants to do and this look fits him.

    I can remember a Youtube video where Troye asked Tyler Oakley what he thought about him when he first saw him and Tyler said “What a cute little twink bottom” and Troye pretended to be mad. It’s obvious Tyler was right on point.

    He’s going to be playing at Sunday’s DC Gay Pride festival and, assuming it’s not pouring down rain, I’ll be there to see him. I might even go if it’s raining, it’s going to be 80 and I can show off my boyfriend in a wet shirt!

  3. The first thing I thought of after I got over those extreme red lips and that it looks like he was lip-syncing, was … he’s a white version of Jaden Smith. And those “outfits”? To be seen and worn only once.

  4. Troy is now living in his artisuperficial bubble out of our real world and singing the same crap that labels produce for all pop singers. He seems to have forgotten what music and songs are, it’s just him being gay now, and not playing for gays but for an almost exclusive teenage girl fan audience.

    I don’t feel the slightest connection with whatever sounds and whorish moves he now makes. He reminds me of Trump: promised a lot, delivers none. ;)

  5. Offer him a place on your roster of successful young pop stars and I’m sure he’ll leave his current management to have his career guided by an expert like you. You may all be right, but I don’t think we’re the demographic he’s aiming for.

  6. I used to like him in the videos that were posted here before. I don’t know what happened between the last one I watches and this one, but I wouldn’t even know it was him if I hadn’t been told.

    Everything else I’ve seen of his looked effortless and light-hearted, but this reeks of trying too hard and being way too full of himself. The constipated model look doesn’t suit him at all either (not that it ever looked good on anyone else, mind you).

  7. There has been discussion about high suicide rate of LGBT people. Reading these comments I cannot help but think one factor must be the toxic negativity some people seem to have and project to others. What happened to the right to be themselves?

    Please think a bit before making audacious claims like “famous for being famous” (not true), “can’t pick songs” (he writes them) or “can’t sing” (he obviously can). Those claims seem not to be based on facts but on some twisted sense of disappointment when his music is not *for you* or that he is growing up. Perhaps you should too.

    If you don’t like the music or that he is not 15 any more, fine. The only explanation is *not* that the music is bad, perhaps you’re not the target audience.

    Newsflash to Penboy, who noticed that “looks like he was lip-syncing”: that is how virtually every music video has been made since like the 1960s.

    And really, if you guys really have the expertise to help Troye make “better” music or choose “better” songs, go for it. I’m sure he would welcome you to his team, provided you have the track record and can deliver. The excellent Blue Neighbourhood album was “only” like a year on Billboard top 200. He sure needs all the help and is just “famous for being famous”.

  8. Thank you Jonathan2. I’m afraid that there are a lot of very negative gays who just want to bring down someone who’s become successful through a whole lot of effort. This whole new Troye, and album, are all thanks to Jacob who is the center of Troye’s world and all of the music is about their relationship. More will be revealed when the full album drops.

  9. “Newsflash to Penboy, who noticed that “looks like he was lip-syncing”: that is how virtually every music video has been made since like the 1960s.”

    The reason I mentioned it is because it is so obvious — most music videos do a much better job with their editing/performance to at least disguise it. This video is rather sloppy …. or more accurately, they were more incompetent.


    “And really, if you guys really have the expertise to help Troye make “better” music or choose “better” songs, go for it.”
    That’s really fucking lame. Artists/production crews NEED criticisms — that’s how [some of them] improve.

    1. “That’s really fucking lame. Artists/production crews NEED criticisms — that’s how [some of them] improve.”

      It was not lame at all, all opinions are not equal.

      Artists may welcome constructive criticism from their peers and/or intended target audience. The complaints here were not such, but rather superficial rants about how the artist and the music did not live up to some rather exccentric and biased expectations.

      The artist is not obligated to make music just for you, and if he changes his style or gets a few years older, it is not a personal insult or automatically a poor choice.

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