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  1. Not sure why they would allow him to sing on this show, the boy is clearly off competition, it wouldn’t be fair for the other candidates! ;)

  2. 😜I watched this on the show not knowing he was a boy and thought, good singer…
    Wasn’t till you had it here and I searched his name that I found out…
    Of course I love ‘him’ now!

    😘Hope he makes it through judge cuts, don’t think he’s been through yet, at least I hope not.

  3. No matter how these youngsters are lauded as being special…. all these songs are totally flat for me. Zero emotional interaction. Zero impact on life.
    Bland Bland Bland, controlled, designed and manufactured.
    Ronald MacDonald clones …..

    A bit worrisome really.

    Luckily, thank you internet. That bottomless chasm brimming with instant access to David Bowie, F Mercury and the myriad other musicians of genius.

    AGT ?
    Muddy puddle of crap really……

  4. I’ve seen a couple of videos of him singing.

    Voice: Pleasant, but not exciting.
    Appearance: Pleasant, but not exciting.

  5. 😘Cutie Benicio made it through the ‘Judge Cuts’ on AGT but he’s gonna be up against some heavy hitters in the finals.

  6. Of no singing voice of interest nor of any work for the voice NOR of any show of any ability of use of any instrument this is a non.

  7. LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL is on tv and would prefer to watch the losers try tha watch this one. OH ! Thunder and lightning rain syrm ! Got to xfrxt

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