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  1. That is a drag act. I worked at the 82 Club, a drag club in Manhattan in 1959 ( was a chorus boy), and there was a very pretty, obese queen called Ella Funt, much heavier than this guy, who worked as a stripper and show girl. Not to put this guy down, just saying there’s nothing new under the sun.

  2. This guy in / of this video is not a drag queen. He is not a show girl. Will never pay to see him. Do prefer show boys. Do prefer boys in the bar showing off what do consider a want a making a desire. Never ever see a drag queen of any want. Nor a making a desire. This guy here is fun but not a want. The local YMCA does more and they know it so they close them all down. If this guy is the new drag queen so be what. Interesting he is but not a want to see more of. OK. Say he is a modern gay drag queen. Much prefer to watch male divers.

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