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The atmospheric coming-of-age drama Seashore (Beira-mar) is one of several additions to Brazilian queer cinema that came out over the last few years. This semi-autobiographical tale from Brazilian co-directors Filipe Matzembacher and Marcio Reolon stars Mateus Almada as the bi-curious Martin and Mauricio Barcellos as openly gay Tomaz.

The film’s languorous plot unfolds as the two teens embark on a road trip and then grapple with their sexuality against the backdrop of the Brazilian seashore.

Variety compared the film’s lingering and “lustful” cinematic gaze to that of Gus Van Sant and Larry Clark. Way Too Indie concluded: “Despite appearing rather empty on first sighting, if you let it, this film can deliver a powerful message. Let your wishes be free, and by the power of your own will, take the chance. And if all else fails, then you can start over again. It isn’t too constructive, but nothing in life ever seems to be. If you are a young male alone in this world that enjoys reflecting on desires, listening to the seashore, and watching beautiful independent films, then you categorically must see this film.”

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  1. Perusing the attached trailer I realised I’d already watched this film. A while ago. Probbably Netflix.
    Can’t recall the storyline at all – so I expect I either fell asleep or found something better to do at the time.

  2. Two lads visit the shore during the off season while running an errand for the father of one. It’s not action packed. There’s fine acting. Yet I did not like how the bi boy hits on the gay while knowing full well that the later is in a relationship with another guy back home.

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