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  1. Lucky girl to have such a supportive brother. It can’t have been easy for him either.

  2. I wish Nicole the best through her “new” life.

    I’m pretty sure no one else detected this, but I have to be critical of this interview with her:

    Not only with Nicole, but ALSO with the interviewer, BOTH have trees “growing” from their heads. I find it hard to believe that anyone who would set this up couldn’t/wouldn’t see that huge NO-NO for interviews/portraits. Where was the “director” during all of this?


  3. I do not believe in transgender people. All I have met are liars and frauds. The very notion of gender as inborn is absurd. ==> Play a game to an extreme and I am game and I will go along. ==> Play me for a fool, you win if you win. BUT ==> Gender is a social reality, not DNA. I do not buy into any of it. Hate me if you do but I care not. I know better and however much I like the site I am not a COMPLETE fool …

  4. Yes gender is a social construct, trans people have been saying that for years. Brains are also a very complex organ. Why can’t people just accept that different people need different things to make them happy?

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