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“As a transgender woman… when I try to psychoanalyse myself, I find that my desire to look female, to look feminine and to look beautiful are not exactly the same but they’re so woven so tightly that it’s kind of difficult to untangle them… the truth is I don’t just want to look female, I want to be beautiful.”

Watch YouTuber ContraPoints masterfully untangle our society’s obsession with beauty in the video below.


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  1. Awesome video! ContraPoints always digs deep and always surprises me. This one was really interesting!

  2. Am NOT sorry to write that this, to this writer, is a gaff. This stuff this writer Can Not believe. To this, this is neither beautiful nor cute nor sweet nor sexually enticing nor of any like. — — It is interesting. THIS is interesting as a play. THAT person’s self as a sorrowing is a gaff to get chew into a con. — As they say of the old, THAT”S ENTERTAINMENT.

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