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  1. He’s certainly Cute enough! I wonder what his voice is like, and does he date boys or girls? And to be honest, that’s what I totally don’t understand about a “Trans” person, male or female! Whats wrong with being “butch” or “sissy”, aside from the words themselves, and just dressing and being yourself, no matter what you are? And I’m not saying this to be obnoxious, I really just don’t understand. Sorry.

  2. Almost all transboys begin life as lesbians, and about half switch to a ‘gay male’ identity after transition and start to have sex with men.

    This particular transboy is beautiful among them.

    Though they often look like a late adolescent boy, one must be cautious in one’s approach to them. In my experience, while they are going through a sort of ‘male puberty’ transition, they can sometime be ‘triggered’ by being treated the way one might treat a boy (affectionately). They are definitely not ‘female’ in their approach to sex, but they differ in their level of understanding of typical male sexuality. That might change after a long period of testosterone, but by then, they might also be very hairy and bearded!

    1. I recommend you review his tumblr (while it’s still there) around page 5. You’ll see he’s already very gay and familiar with large manhoods.

      1. I did already ;-)

        There are other transboys, too, who engage both in showing off and in casual sex. In my informal survey of it all, it tends to be a momentary phase – a kind of exploration perhaps, after which it subsides (compared to young gay men, who often keep doing it for a long time). But have fun while it lasts!

  3. We don’t have to understand to have empathy or compassion or tolerance. If I want to be tolerated, keeping in mind that civilization for 10,000 years is about enforcing the will of others onto me, then I might want to be tolerant of others. Where I am concerned with others is when their actions negatively affect me. Of course, it is more complicated than that but good enough statement to start with.
    And why should a site such as Milkboys care about trans people? One example, is being attracted to, and dating a good looking man, and then you find out he wants to cut off his beautiful penis and become a woman. What’s a person to do? So yes, life is complicated and interesting.

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