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    1. I would go to the laundromat often if that is what I would see. He has pubes, that is nice. Shaving is so popular now days.

  1. Hmmmmmmm. Given a choice between a nice head of hair [as above] (no side shaving or lopsided lengths) or pubes …… Didn’t even need to think about it — I’d much rather see a nice head of hair, no second choice to it.

    And attached to a very good looking face is even better.

  2. Looks like a girl. Which is fine, if it is, but it matters in terms of what you do and say with them, sexually, and whether the other person will like it or feel taken advantage of. When approaching someone for sex it is good to know whether the person has testosterone in their system, and whether they grew up with a penis, because of the high likelihood someone born without either will have a more negative reaction to a sexual advance coming outside of a long-term relationship.

    1. My experience is females like relationships, short term can be fine. If away from their home area, extremely short term can be ok.
      @Wordworth indeed they could be either sex. Their genitals are indeterminant. I noted a little makeup around eyes but now days that indicates little.

  3. Wordsworth. Are you trying to say femme boys, unlike girls are all cock mad whores? OK, in my case. I plead guilty. My punishment from you will be to be bent over your knee and be given a very sore bottom. How you achieve this is entirely up to you. 🤔😜

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