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  1. I remember this from an earlier post, and believe it turned out he was a she. Still beautiful, though.

  2. The Mighty Swede trolled by a trap, that’s quite ironic.

    She does look like W. F.-M. from Dublin or rather he looks like her. I think she is French but her name escapes me.

    1. Post
  3. #[1] — No one is born with a gender. Disparticular babies do, after growth, have their particulars show. ALL humans do show, particularly, a MALE anatomy or a FEMALE anatomy, and, NEVER BOTH. Androgyny is never possible with humans. Nor with / of / from any mammal.
    #[2] — GENDER is a human social create. SEX is a human discovery. No one is born knowing, nor, able to understand, either.
    #[3] — GIRLS, women, BOYS, men, are of such designate as humans say so, as in [2]. MALE and FEMALE is the discovery of genital differentia., as in [1].
    #[4] — Any one’s personal differential decision is their personal choice and their decision, and, is / has nothing to do with birth.
    #[5] — Genital attract is sexual attract and has nothing to do with social nor cultural create.
    #[6] — MALES as GIRLS is a social create. MALES as WOMEN is a social create. Please note that the surgeries do not create a child bearing result. M is still an M as the sperm and egg develop into. Ditto F. Even the attempt at uterus transit can not alter the original fact of sperm and egg result.
    #[7] — MALES acting as WOMEN is as old as fire and fire dancing. MALES acting as WOMEN and fucking their sons is not as old as MALE lions killing their sons. Oedipus Rex is not just a play from off the old.

    1. OH ! !
      — Have no real idea of what are “androgynous girls and genderfluid people”. —– Do like straight out boys and men as boys and men. Their fluidity is different than those other words suggest. Do go as far as Michael Jackson.
      — Sorry.

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