Beaten up for being gay

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I’m always debating if I should post videos like the one below. Many of us have so much to deal with in life as it is that it feels like a terrible idea to add to that anxiety by making gloomy posts about the discrimination and violence queer people still face today.

I’m always wondering at what point this onslaught of misery and bad news might hurt our mental health and outlook on life more than keeping up with it benefits us. But what would be the alternative? Ignoring the problems we have, pretending the pain of others in our community isn’t any of our business? That can’t be it either, right?

As long as some folks go around trying to convince us that the queer community achieved everything it possibly could, that the world right now is the best we could hope for it seems necessary to remind ourselves that there’s still a lot to do, that we’re not done here.

I’ll keep trying to find a balance between the bad news and the cute and fun stuff. Let’s hope that some day we’ll actually get to a point where we can all just sit down and enjoy the nice things in life and posts like this one won’t be needed anymore.

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  1. I’m glad you posted this. We need to be reminded that there are still some bad folks out there, and take precautions. If ever in their shoes in the future, thanks to this story, I will find the club manager, seek some protection, and ask him/her to order a taxi, rather than venturing onto empty streets.

  2. Trouble is, once you start posting videos like this one from just ONE country [putting aside the multitudes of videos possible from that SAME country], how are you going to let everyone know about the OTHER OVER 100 COUNTRIES that do exactly the same thing to gays — not just from ‘gangs’ looking to hurt and even KILL LGBT people all over the world, but also their GOVERNMENTS and LEGAL SYSTEMS — everyone of them run by fascist ‘religious’ beliefs?

    Which is why I prefer to call “religion(s)” by what they REALLY ARE: Socio-Political Ideologies

  3. Information is power.
    To know is better than not.
    1986=3xhater’sx1xbeatenmanx3gaymenrunning to beat the sh*t out of the aggressors. They ran away when they saw us coming. How far wood it have gone if we didn’t stand OUR ground for OUR “brother”
    we have to fight back.
    I personally have had police side with the aggressor in a stand off between Myself and the guy with a letter opener while walking my dog.
    fight back. literally, mentally, EMOTIONALLY…

  4. This video gives us a confessing of the victims and a show of their afflict. Some of us need few reminders. Some of us heed any reminder. GOOD VIDEO.

  5. Safety is an illusion, always be aware of your surroundings and listen to that little voice in your head when it tells you not to go somewhere or to tone “it” down.

    I’ve never faced violence from a stranger because of my sexuality, but I have been targeted because of my race, because they thought I had money, and because they were mentally unstable (separate incidents).

    I’m not about to suggest never fighting back, every situation is different and every response is a gamble when violence is imminent or has broken out… the important thing is getting away. Stay calm, show as little emotion as possible, assess your attacker as well as you can, and do whatever you have to to get away (seriously, worry about the law later).

    If you carry a weapon, let them find out you have it when it hits them. The moment they know you have it, they can take it away and use it on you. Only a fool uses weapons to intimidate an attacker(s), doing so is far more likely to make them more aggressive then anything else.

  6. Thank you for this.

    I have just started to experience the reality of homophobic verbal abuse at my work. I appreciate this story for what it is. I now realize what my co-workers would really think of me if I was open about my sexuality.

    Fortunately “somehow” my experience is simply hearing the BS as a third person as my neanderthall co-workers express all of their feelings about our community just for the sake of flapping their ignorant lips.

  7. Bri,

    Sorry to hear you’re experiencing that. I don’t know you or anything about where you live or work, but if there’s any way you can begin planning to change or leave that homophobic environment – please consider doing so.

    Homophobia, like any form of abuse, is always internalized by the recipient. It affects us deeply and in unpredictable ways. It can take years to purge oneself of such poisons.

    Not suggesting you drop everything today and leave, nor that you need necessarily confront these bigots. I am suggesting you think about safe, sensible and productive steps you might take to improve the situation.

    Sorry if this seems intrusive. My only intent is to be helpful.


    1. Wild4Vanilla:

      Very well written response to Bri and I agree totally with what you said. Thank you.

      If I can add, …. the sooner Wild4Vanilla [and all others who experience the same things as he does] leaves that environment, the sooner he can more easily and better concentrate on his own talents that he can offer to society and maybe help others who are in a very similar situation.

    2. Thanks, its very uplifting to receive supportive advice. The job is temporary as I am a contractor so I know its not going to ruin my life. Its a saddening eye opener to me that this is a very real ongoing problem for many people and its scares me how alone it makes me feel. I cannot imagine being stuck in this situation or worse for my entire life. I’m grateful to live where I do and for the rights we have here.

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