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      1. Once a story is published it belongs to the audience and the intent of the author becomes irrelevant. This story servers a greater purpose and, while it may not have been there intent, that’s the way it works for us.

    1. ” ‘Yall they’re not even together they’re just two heteros being gay for clout like come on now,’ Twitter user @suhtalite, a classmate of the boys, wrote in a now-deleted tweet. ”

      I can see how that would upset many gay teens who are still struggling to express their sense of romance together with each other in many times a caustic gay-phobia environment — particularly in heavily chrissssstianized locales, wherever they may be.

      But, if they did it as PURE acting, to publicly sensualize their own emotions that all romances are OK with them (and hopefully in their communities) — even gay ones, then they’re doing nothing different than a typical “after-school special” on TV trying to say the same thing with professional actors and writers and producers. They’re just doing it more simply, and to a more direct audience of their own peers. If this is it, I applaud them for their effort.

      This is what I had (and still do) hoped for when same-sex marriage became legal in ALL 50 States in USA and of course, to spread throughout the world wherever it could.

  1. I saw this and thought it was super adorable.
    Then i heard it was fake.
    Then i heard that the account, responsible for outing them as fake, was fake itself.
    Then i heard that the kid running the original account was also behind the second account who outed them as fake!

    I don’t know what to believe anymore.

    1. “Brokeback Mountain” and “Call Me By Your Name” were both fake, too. So angry and disappointed I went to see them and loved them. What’s to become of me?!

  2. Fake or not, it’s just about the most adorable short videos I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you.

    [Funny thing is, I experienced a tiny bit of that ‘angst’ during my high school years with a 2-yr younger boy — not exactly, being in a private, very religious boarding school, but, even with that, some obstacles when young can have a “run-around” toward, at least a partial, romantic goal.]

    1. Just to add to that: It would have been worse for us if we had actually believed any of that “god/jesus” bullshit they shoved down our throats 24/7. Because we didn’t, our attraction proved stronger than than that “salvation” crap [such as no less than 4 prayers each day {more on Sundays}].

  3. The blond boy is another Grand Prize Winner in the Genetics Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. He is easily among the thousand most handsome boys I’ve ever seen. Breathtaking … and mouthwatering. A boy of fantasies and dreams.

  4. Well, the news here is that boys who like other boys usually can be identified as straight both then and also as adults. I suppose, with good reason, that this is because boys who are that age (14 or whatever they are in this video) have certain physical features in common with young women: in short, they are pretty. So, no, they aren’t ‘gay’. A boy of 14 who is gay will not likely hold hands with another boy, but would rather look for a young adult man. There might be some boys interested primarily in other boys, and who identify as ‘gay’, but they’ll have to come out a second time (or go hide in the closet again) once they hit their 20s. The makers of this video, whether they enjoyed holding hands or what, might not be ‘gay’, and let’s not assume they are interested in men. They might be, but who knows? Even if they’re ‘straight’, chances are that they liked holding each other’s hands.

    1. No. I wasn’t interested in young adult men at 14. One boy as near my age that made no difference. Click my name and you’ll see

      1. Hmm, you weren’t interested in 20-something year old mature men the way proto-gay boys are, and now that you’re an adult you’re on MilkBOYS looking at adolescent boys and feminine young men who look like adolescent boys. And, you’re married, with a child. Aren’t you proving my point?

  5. Real or unreal don’t actually matter. Art rules apply. This was one pretty story, and is enabling and therefore special. If these boys identify as gay later, either as characters or actual humans, really isn’t for us to judge. Though I do worry that a fem boy, or an open minded pretty boy, still finds it difficult to come out as an actively sexual gay man. Or a trans-gender youth. Or your jock who likes cock. It’s never as easy as it looks in the flicks or on the media platform. But we keep trying, and we don’t close down doors cos they aren’t our own way through. At least we should keep trying.

  6. I’m sorry. I missed the part where Vine was “real’. These are stories!!!!

    If you enjoyed the story, you won.

    I had no expectations as to “truth” when I submitted this. I think that it speaks volumes if the two boys who made this are straight. That is, to be clear, it sends a powerful message to the gay community that they are more accepted.

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