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  1. This is a phony campaign, because it is promoted by the same feminist and gynocentric ideologists who believe that every difference in gender is socially constructed with no grounding in anything innate or biological, while they simultaneously believe in female superiority.

    Women still look for wealthy providers. Most men (who genuinely love women) would rather be gynocentric themselves. Gynocentrism exists in our culture even moreso because we live in an age when the historical male gender role is not quite needed as it was previously. There is a deficit of ways for men to continue sacrificing themselves for women, so if you’re not working class (being a manual laborer), or upper class (“making a killing” on Wall Street) there’s no other way left to sacrifice for women (in the middle class) other than declaring oneself a “feminist.” Well fuck that.

  2. And furthermore, what hurts boys very much, at this point in history, is being schooled within majority female-run educational institutions, where the girls (and boys) are taught that females are systematically oppressed because of “toxic masculinity”, are given unequal pay for equal work, that men physically abuse women, and that all males should be feminists, etc.. Middle schoolers are being force-fed God damned shit fuck piss diarrhea books written by Judith Butler.

    1. “what hurts boys very much, at this point in history, is being …”

      … constantly being compared to a sniveling person whining about them being controlled by a feminist every day of their lives.

  3. Uh OH
    Looks like the Leather Clad Bondage Masters Harley Davidson Biker Squad are in town today…..


  4. ” milkboys is a community for queer folks & their friends. Whatever age, gender or sexual preference you rock, you’re welcome to hang out with us & connect with people all over the world without worrying about prejudices. Welcome home.”
    Wordworth, do you think you might just possibly have missed the point of this place?

      1. “A whole lot of those 48 things men hear are perfectly OK.”

        Within the correct context, yes.

  5. I think some of you have missed the point by a golden mile. Sure there’s nothing wrong with masculinity or femininity, the problems occur when it is /forced/ upon people. Toxic masculinity isn’t oppressing women, that’s not what that means. I swear some of you get the guns out agaisnt feminism before you even understand the argument (not saying there aren’t feminists out there with bad arguments but that’s something else)

  6. Males are males just as females are females ? I am hurt by adult females as a child, beaten and ball hit by them, and never ever by any man ever. Girls hurt me too and no one hurts them at all and we do not get to allow to hit them back. A boy at a day camp does grab me by my balls, he is a gay, and says so, and I hurt. The counselors, all male, do nothing upon my complaint. At school day care the female caretakers hit my balls, and every boy in line, and say we are something bad, I forget the language, but I remember the humiliation of the put down and the ball pain. No adult man EVER hits nor hurts nor touches me EVER when I a child. [Until I am an adult over 21 … different story and different punch.] I am an original subscriber to MS magazine. Guess how that works out. There are 8 billion people in the world so I am an odd & out of it. I am a self making man. Do not tell me the LG people have it together. It actually is originally gay but becomes LG. They do not have it & they hurt me too. OWW. It is now LGBT. Fuck the Q. And just what is a T. Oh. FU2 !!! 😈 ♥ ♂

    1. @whiterabbit
      Aaah he was cute… I think he’d look sweet in pink!
      (You did notice he was up above in the first pic too?)

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