Bay Gays

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TV station ABC7news dug up an interesting piece of history allowing us a look at how gay people were portrayed in the media in the America of the 1970s. The documentary was made in 1976 and is called “Bay Gays.” It was shocking at the time, and opened up viewers to “the gayest city in the country.”

“The four part series starts before the rainbow flag was a a symbol for a united community. Before Harvey Milk was elected supervisor, before the White Night riots that followed his death, before HIV and AIDS devastated a community, before same-sex marriage was legal.” says ABC.


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  1. As see this here, this is a fraud. The RAINBOW FLAG is of the hippies and of a meaning way before any lgb+ “liberating”.
    — This is not not interesting.
    — Now we have gay marriage which has little to do with the average homo.

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