Batman is not allowed to have a penis because people are whack

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Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo’s Batman: Damned #1, the first in DC Comics’ Black Label series for “mature readers”, reveals a new look at the Caped Crusader. You can have a look below:

Inevitably body shame is still a hot trend in the 21st century, even in a publication made specifically for adults. So objection to the revelation actually prompted DC to edit the superjunk out in digital editions. And Bleeding Cool reports that some retailers in more conservative areas of the U.S. are calling to make the comic returnable. Because we all know that smashing people to a gulp with baseball bats is all good but showing the human body goes too far, right?

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  1. All you size queens out there, forget Batman – it was Robin (Burt Ward) who was hung like a dinosaur, and drop-dead handsome as well.
    Another smokin’ hot twink was Flipper’s super cute buddy Sandy Ricks (Luke Halpin), who spent most of every show shirtless – let’s just say a lot of meat was beat over his delicious body.
    And then there was Leif Garrett, and …. oh heck, don’t get me started.

    1. How dare you forget ‘Mark’ (Johnny Crawford) in The Rifleman! He was the “ultimate” — he could even play guitar and SING (to near the top of the charts!). And he still had a pretty good body as well as an appreciative penis by the time of Village Of The Giants.

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