YouTuber Daniel Howell came out

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Daniel Howell, a YouTuber from the UK with 6.5 million subscribers came out in a video titled Basically I’m gay. “We live in a heteronormative world,” the 27-year-old says. “What this means is that most people are presumed to be straight so, if you’re not, at some point you have to come out. So yep: I’m here, I’m queer and don’t worry, I’m still filled with existential fear.”

In the 45-minute video, Howell goes on to explain his coming out journey, why he has decided to do so now, and just what queerness means to him.

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  1. shouldn’t young male youtubers be in the news if it turns out they’re straight? because they all seem to be gay

  2. Is he the Daniel of Dan and Phil are not in fire? I thought they came out right in their first videos like 10 years ago. Or rather, they didn’t even have to.

      1. What are you trying to say? That preteens CAN’T be gay — or recognizing their gayness/sexuality?

    1. Contrary to your infantile mind, that doesn’t make you any more intelligent — actually, much less.

  3. Yeah, I never thought he needed to come out, at least not to anyone who was paying attention.

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