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  1. Another Grand Prize Winner in the Genetics Clearinghouse Sweepstakes. The Prize Patrol van should be pulling up any minute.

      1. It’s just an expression meaning a just God would not let him be that gorgeous and also have a big d*ck . . . or a high I.Q., while most of us have neither great looks nor bigs d*cks nor high I.Q’s. It’s not meant to be taken seriously.

        1. Must be only your expression because I’ve never heard anything like that — and it makes no common sense even in some weird comedic way.

          1. Watch “Torch Song Trilogy” with Harvey Fierstein and Mathew Broderick. The first time Harvey sees Mathew (who plays a male model) he says: “If you’ve got an I.Q. over 65 (?), there is no God?!” (And lighten up before you give yourself an ulcer.)

    1. “If you’ve got an I.Q. over 65 (?), there is no God?!” is a totally different meaning [and makes perfect sense, i.e., intelligence proves no “god”] than “If he’s got more than 6 inches, there is no God!!!”

      Regardless, ONE LINE from a[n “ancient”] movie that got no traction doesn’t make it a common saying that most people would think of, let alone actually remember.

      You seriously need to rethink … how you think.

      1. You need to mature enough to admit when you’re wrong. This is a typical example of Jewish (which I’m not) humor, which means American humor. It’s simply an exaggerated way of saying “You’ve been given too much, which no fair God would do” whether it’s intelligence, dick, talent or money. I didn’t think it was hilarious; I was Just saying if he had those looks AND a big dick, he had gotten more than his share. That you didn’t get it doesn’t mean it made no sense. Millions of people on both costs would have gotten it immediately.

          1. “And “Torch Song Trilogy” got no traction?!”

            The play and the movie, yes. But NOT that line in it.

            And, for the record, I’m NOT wrong — you just have a twisted sense of “logic”.

            So, it’s YOU who needs to not just grow up, but gather up some intelligence.

  2. >>> What are all those white spots all over his face (and neck and chin)?

    Outward visible signs of an inward spiritual grace?


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