Barbie Boy

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Barbie Boy is the story of Bobby, an imaginative 7-year-old whose favourite toy is the classic Barbie doll. After his father makes a comment, Bobby goes on a personal journey to discover what he should be looking for.

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  1. 🙇🏼Sweet but kinda sad too.
    ~Moving on isn’t always moving forward…

  2. I wanted a set of toy dishes when I was that age, which my mother got me. As I was leaving the living room, I heard my father say to my older brother “Let’s hope he outgrows that.” It didn’t stop me from always liking miniature things, especially animals, or from ending up gay, but it spoiled Christmas for me and I never forgot it.

  3. Enjoy!


  4. I have a “Barbie Doll” of a sort. There’s almost no end of different ‘outfits’ and accessories I get to dress it up with. I don’t have to worry about other boys seeing me play with it, they want to play with it too. Some of them have a “Barbie Doll” like mine, only theirs are a little different., but they all have the same name: AR15.

    1. Barbie doll of sorts, AR15, you mean the Colt AR-15, a lightweight, 5.56×45mm, magazine-fed, gas-operated semi-automatic rifle.

      1. Yup. But I couldn’t afford a Colt this time (I’ve owned half a dozen of these over the years).
        This is the Golden Age of the AR-15 – it is estimated that there are around 10 million in civilian hands. Prices have dropped since Trump’s election, they now start at well under $400 for a perfectly suitable, accurate, dependable, entry-level model, ammunition has been seen as low as 20 cents a round for steel cased and as low as 25 cents for better quality brass cased. Good quality scopes, red dots, holographic sights, tactical lights, and lasers, extra magazines, even 100 round double-drum C-Mags are available to fit every budget – and all in your choice of colors. It’s THE Barbie Doll for boys. What a country!

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    1. “I didn’t take the time to modify your link above… too much work to check it out”

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      1. I wonder, Penboy, do they even train psychologists and psychiatrists to deal with your condition? Or do we just have to call a veterinarian and be done with it?

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