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  1. Ah, yes. I remember Thailand leading up to Summer …. their “Winter” [just WETTER than other seasons], and Spring. [I’m going by Northern Hemisphere seasons.] What I would see of all the boys throughout Thailand was only one general temperature: HOT. Just like this one — and then multiply him by a couple of thousand (at the very least).

  2. Give guns to Buddhist and Hindu and any sort of any other boys and see how many bullets come off guns as if in compete with Muslims and Christians. if you dare a compete with any of the any of a or any of a sum of a them, IFF you dare. —- For many a gun tote guy, there is only one reason and it is NOT a religious reason. Nor a political reason. Nor of a chemical nor alcoholic cause. “You no like me ? Fuck you too”. There is no negotiating. Shoot to kill. Cry later.

    1. OH ! This post ! Oh ! This picture. OH ! Some times have to scratch this. Such is a neigh be baby. Nay be OH !

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