Breaking Gender Roles in Ballroom

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Does the ballroom community still enforce traditional gender roles? Eddie Jarel Jonesx thinks so—and they’re out to shatter expectations by showing the world their true face.

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  1. if sex is on the mind, then sex is on the mind. Go and make your gender all you want and have fun and so be it. For this guy, if sex in on this’s mind then it is sex that is on the mind. Do never go to work and do never do work with sex on the mind. OH ! In the before, sex is almost always on on this mind. But work is another very real thing. Working to build a bridge is not sexy. Nor genitally of care. HONESTLY ? Do never consider gender. Am aware of the difference of M and F. But if do like a one for sex then gender means nothing. Not in the past nor now. If you aint, you aint.

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