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  1. I don’t know…………. that looks like a pretty good romance to me. [I could easily snuggle between them.]

  2. BAD ROMANCE it is indeed. 1] The stripes on the pillows are a cross to the stripes on the sheets. 2] Their tops are too different, one being an A-shirt and the other a sweat shirt with long sleeves. 3] The hug gets no reacting to. 4] The light from the window on left shows bright daylight and shows it all as a too late to try real waffling showing the try as a wake up and not a lure. 5] The hair styles are too different. 6] ha ha ha .

    1. “The hug gets no reacting to.”

      Actually, by my eyes [and experience], he DOES react — a nice, satisfying look — very nearly breaking into a “quiet” smile.

  3. … [7] neither you nor I are the one being snuggled by the gorgeous boy on the right – dammit!

    1. oh … 7] The snuggling is mild and not more as a wake up wriggling, as do suggest in 4] ….8] The whole thing is a fraud. It is of an XXX. Am merely playing around with the sexiness.

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