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Here we go. I’m in the process of setting up a Patreon page for milkboys. It will let people who can afford & are willing to support the site donate on a monthly basis. $1, $10… whatever works for you.

Patreon lets you create different donation tiers with varying rewards for the donors. For example: When you donate $2/month you get a link to a site of your choice (e.g. your Tumblr) on milkboys, for $5/month you get a nudie of me and maybe for $50 you get all that plus a milkboys shirt on top. Stuff like that. I’m still trying to figure out what good rewards would look like so please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Last but not least thanks to the generous folks who brought the site back. Everyone who donated before will get access to the rewards as well of course, more about that later.

*just kidding about the nudie ;)

Photo by Oliver

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  1. ❦So glad you’re back…
    Oliver is truly divine he reminds me of a young Mark Lester😍

  2. D’aw! No nudie. That would have upped my gift :) Really glad your back and I look forward to the flawlessly curated pics and stories that we’ve come to look for.

  3. Will Flattr still be an option? The Patreon scheme sounds nice but I like the active act of tipping and don’t really need a reward.

  4. I clicked on ‘Oliver’ – colossal waste of time.
    Glad you’re back up and running. I’m thinking about an office pool predicting the next suspension and restoration.

    just kidding.

  5. Now, why would people donate to keep you up when everyone knows that the people hosting the board have offered to host the blog for free as well? With how many failures you’ve had keeping the site up, it is ridiculous you still won’t accept that offer.

  6. I want to respond more deeply so you know specifically why I donate (despite James’ comment about free hosting). For however many years I’ve known about the site (maybe as long as its been around) I’ve used Milkboys as my launching off point for all sorts of things. It is one of the first sites I check each morning (even when you’re down), and the only LGBT themed site. I’m interested in politics, popular entertainment and of course, cute young men (and I share your love of cute Asian boys). I’ve called your collection “curated” many times in comments, and its because Josh’s selections have always resonated with me. How many years ago did you post the movie preview of the boy who is kidnapped by the woman? The movie, as far as I know, has never come out, but I think about it regularly. Milo…what else can be said, I learned of his blog here. The political posts show me things that I often don’t see on the numerous political pages I visit.

    I don’t understand the desire to not accept the free hosting service, but I’m not in the inner workings. I wish Josh could spend as much time on the page as he used to, but hell, we all grow and have other things consume our time. But yet we all keep coming back here. It has always been a great blog and that’s why I donated and will continue to as long as the page it up. Thanks again Josh for all your years of hard work.

  7. @gfron1
    “How many years ago did you post the movie preview of the boy who is kidnapped by the woman?”
    ❦Perfect sentiments about milkboys probably felt by all who’ve visited over the years.
    ☞Fairly sure this is the film you spoke of, I’ve never seen it either but have thought of it on occasion same as you:

  8. what? you want to collect money? what happened to the money you got from your collection for a new pc. as i recall, you got a lot more than you needed. i guess you didn’t use it for the website as often as it was down. so why should i give anything and how can i be sure it is used the way it is supposed to be used?

    1. Not sure how long you’ve been viewing the site or how much you gave in previous requests but the site is free. The click revenue hasn’t been sufficient for a long time. Running a site takes time (which has value) and expense. I’m not looking for Josh to provide quarterly financial reports to justify my gift, and we certainly aren’t pouring a ton of money into his coffers. Its a free site. Read it if you want. Don’t if you don’t. Give if you want. Don’t if you don’t. Pretty simple. I view it as paying for my time since my last contribution.

  9. I agree with the skeptics. You have to set it up with a definite fee to pay for the collection of monies plus to pay an accountancy to keep it honest plus to pay for the site continuance costs. YOUR WORK HAS JUST STARTED – – – – and if you want, others will pay more just for that work. But Volunteer givers will figure — not incorrectly — cheated — unless you are regular and even handed. You want that trust, I think, as I think of you from as runner the site as I have seen it since … when ever it was. Count me in on your efforts. I did not know you were in trouble. I aint here every month.

  10. 1) Oh, yes, go ahead and get the money you need for the site !! However you can. Yes! Do so. 2) ” *just kidding about the nudie ;) ” — WHAT ??? — I want a dart board ! I’ll send a nudie and you can reciprocate. 3) ” beauty is in the eye of the beholder ” — you know of the phrase — and I say it is nonsense. Whose other eye could it be but even the blind — BEAUTY IS NOT SUBJECTIVE. 4) I will help you in your site continuance … but I want that nudie. ;-) Ha ha ha

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