Baby Bump

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We’ve all done it before. Wondered about our place in gender, sex, the family, school, and even society, all before we’ve gotten into puberty. We’d also rather not admit to doing a number of things at that delicate age; selling urine for handsome prices, letting the cartoon character in our head call us a “cunt”, freeze various body parts off, etc. And this is the perfectly ‘normal’ examination of boyhood that Kuba Czekaj’s film, Baby Bump, presents before us as part of the Biennale College Programme.

Czekaj’s film begins boldly with a devilish parody of a Disney-Pixar short, full of brimming sexuality and vulgarity before the premise is even established. However, the premise of Baby Bump is one slippery concept, roughly following the adventures of a young boy, Mickey House, as he races from innocence to puberty faster than a rising, raging erection. Brutally honest and hilariously blunt, to classify Baby Bump is a futile task, as the Freudian psychology of Psycho inflects things as much as the high-school archetypes of Mean Girls do. It even feels unfair to call it truly surrealist, as the journey big-eared Mickey travels on more-or-less makes sense with a shaky progression from A to B (and, in an astonishing sequence, back again). Yet Czekaj never lets the nuttiness overcome the true subject, which is quite a feat considering the rather distracting image of a young boy tearing his own penis from his crotch.

With most of the €150,000 budget spent on production design, it would be easy to mistake Baby Bump for being overwhelmingly aesthetic, with no real message behind the garish comic-book visuals, but Czekaj’s and young actor Kacper Olszewski’s dedication to the project really comes through in a very sincere way. Although truly revolting at points, Baby Bump is easily the most refreshing film about growing up since Boyhood.

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  1. ~Okay he’s cute and the film looks like a piss that’ll set bible thumpers on their asses but… What’s with the hair in the crack of his ass in the second clip? He’s not censored as the rest of him is nude so WTF😜?
    ~Just curious…

    1. Look at the top of the egg at the beginning of the video. The hair is wrapped around the top. After he hatches it falls down on him.

    1. Maybe it was black string or thread? I’m thinking it’s supposed to be some biological stuff stinging to the young hatch-ling.

  2. @Matt
    I’d still rather the view of his hairless derriere was unencumbered for ‘artistic’ reasons😜!

      1. Ok, so it’s in german, with polish talk interspersed and that one could be subtitled if you search for it on the web

  3. Its interesting how much work i n detail went into creating a “birth” scene. Made me realize they could never use an American boy for this, as he would have a culturally modified body, nothing that would emerge from an egg.

    We culturally are irrationally disgusted with the natural male body, and circumcise it without consent. Yet most American males sadly see their bodies as perfectly natural. Hell even our text books don’t even mention the foreskin. Its like we pretend it doesn’t exist!

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