Avery’s Story

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Meet Avery and her parents, Debi and Tom, who set a beautiful example of love and support. In their series Transgender Today, The New York Times profiled an incredible 7-year-old girl named Avery Jackson.

Like most kids her age, Avery is happy, active, and enjoys a wide range of interests, from Girl Scouts and gymnastics to “being a ninja.” In a video diary called “Avery Chat,” Avery admits she’s “just a normal girl.” However, she also explains what makes her different, and in the process, sets an example of tolerance and acceptance.


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  1. Very good video. I must admit I don’t know transgender people or their issues very well, but these kinds of videos will definitely make it better for them too.

  2. I consider trans genders and transsexuals as real as Martian aliens. I think of them as not real and not honest. They are, to me, no different than spooky want-to-be’s. As real as the talkers with the dead. As realistic as those who ‘believe’ that chimps and apes are equal to sapiently sapient human ‘persons’. That this is not popular, nor politic, I am aware. But I think that transgender and transsexual claimants are not but frauds and.or, or, fantasy purveyors.

    This video evidences all such and ‘proves’ it to me as the fraudulent portrayance it all is.

    There is no such thing as ‘boy’ nor ‘girl’ in any conceptual manner in any person at birth. Such gender assignation is, of absolute necessity, a cultural thing. We eat. But ‘food’ is a cultural thing versus eating which is an automatic reaction to the possibility. Try refusing to eat and you automatically prove the point. Try having a baby — you can or cannot, whether male, female, or something else. Reality dictates.

    1. You sound like you’re fundamentally confused about the difference between sex and gender. But rest assured, no matter what you believe or not, people who are actually affected know better than you and your attempt to invalidate their experiences with your bigoted prejudices won’t change that.

      1. Sexual behavior becomes a cultural and social possibility only after there is such a thing as sex and experiences with it. Gender is one such cultural and social creation and recreation. All people, Gays included, respond to the body, not gender, until gender becomes invented, developed, created. Bigotry or prejudice aside, nature and culture and society are not equal. The human brain is not just a collection of molecules. It is a trans-figuration of mere molecules. Otherwise we’d be mere automatons.

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