So, what’s the actual average international Penis Size then?

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Ever wondered about the average penis size? Of course you have. Well, finding an accurate number can be tricky, because many studies depend on self-reporting, a flawed methodology that often leads to people over-reporting their actual sizes.

But the World Penis Data website is trying to cut through the bad methodology and determine an actual average penis size by averaging up measurements from different worldwide studies and separating the results based on whether the measurements were self-reported or objectively measured in a laboratory setting.

Through a bunch of statistical analysis, the website determined that the average length of a flaccid or erect penis varies a quarter of an inch to half an inch, depending on whether the length is self-reported or objectively measured.

Here are the averages the World Penis Database came up with:

  • Average flaccid penis length when objectively measured: 9.25 cm (3.6″)
  • Average flaccid penis length when self-reported: 9.9 cm (3.8″)
  • Average erect penis length when objectively measured: 13.3 cm (5.2″)
  • Average erect penis length when self-reported: 14.7 cm (5.7″)

Unsurprisingly, when men were asked to self-report their penis sizes, they typically reported them as larger. Oh, men. How predictable.

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  1. So we’re looking at, on average, about a 3½” floppy, but about 5¼” hard, basically a ZIP drive.

    1. I can’t even picture the good old times before the PC, what an IBM 8″ floppy would look like hard, when a hard drive (or a “solid state” one) is 2.5″ today… ;)

  2. Either I’ve just had the bad luck of running across an inordinate number of guys that are off this chart (not even up to 7.5 inches? really?) or these reports are all just ment to make men feel better about their size.

    According to the numbers these charts always show, I shouldn’t have had to look at a dick and immediately say “you’re bottoming” near as often as I have.

    1. Because people so regularly misrepresent their size what you may think is a 6 inch cock is actually a 5 inch one. Its an inflated market and we all put higher lengths into dick size.

      1. If I were just looking at them, this would be a valid point, but most of them end up pressed against mine at some point.

        I know my length, including the range depending on how aroused I am. Any of the ones I’m thinking of, are easily more then an inch longer then then me and wouldn’t appear on the included chart.

  3. 😝Dang… I lost weight so I could finally see it again but it still doesn’t work😟!

  4. What is this inches and centimeters crap? I measure by gag reflexes. If I actually gag, it’s big.

  5. Large dicks are visually compelling, and fun to manipulate, but in all honesty average and smaller ones are easier to accommodate in my pie hole and mangina. If I had to choose between a big one, an average one, and a small one, I would take all three, because, well, I luv dicks!

    1. “Large dicks are visually compelling, and fun to manipulate, but in all honesty average and smaller ones are easier to accommodate”

      I agree with that part. But let’s not forget about their shapes as well (particularly the glans’).

  6. I’m ‘biologically’ fascinated by the different sizes and appearances of both, penises and scrotums/testes. I look at their differences (and particularly, sizes) [I think] very much like that of Darwin studying the beaks (and other parts) of Finches on Galapagos Islands. I just don’t have the scientific knowledge to answer my questions.

    Why do certain males even have such large penises when a much smaller one can and will “do the job” of reproduction in a vagina? And why is it that [often] large sizes are generally concentrated on certain male people in certain regions of Earth — like in Central Africa and South Pacific Islands [I think the sizes in South America are due primarily to genes/genetics of the mixture of Africans with the Indigenous/natives of the regions]?

    What are the basic, evolutionary/biological ‘needs’ of such large penises and low-hanging scrotums/testes of these males? And, biologically conversely, why do some males have only a very small penis and extremely tight scrotums and small testes (in comparison only)?

    I would love to read about these things in science magazines or books but because of the societal transgressions of having a penile interest, it seems very little study has been done about these things. And the results are stereotypical ideas that keep getting passed from generation to generation as an “acceptance of fact” with nothing [scientific] to refute them … like, as an example that “all/only black men have extraordinarily large penises” and “all/only Asians have the smallest penises.” I, personally, have seen (and experienced) quite the opposite of BOTH those social assumptions.

    If nothing more than for societal reasons [and to blow away the stereotypes], we need to better learn and understand the biological differences of different peoples and societies.

    Could it be that the different sizes and appearances are for the others to look at and “experience” — yes, in a homosexual way? Could it be that, biologically/evolutionary/social changes are “designed” for those of the same gender to admire as much as the opposite gender admires these genetalia? It could be that as much as reproduction is vital for the species, homosexuality (in all its ways) is just as vital for the species. And this could be one solid reason that I assert that it’s a much larger percentile of the population that it totally homosexual — easily between 20-25% of any given population/geographical area. [The extremely small numbers reported ad nauseam by churches and religious organizations are intentiional so that they can

    1. Corrections:
      “percentile of the population that is* totally homosexual”

      “[The extremely small numbers reported ad nauseam by churches and religious organizations are intentional so that they can marginalize homosexuals for their own power/wealth purposes.]”

      Sorry about that.

  7. 1. SIZE MATTERS to guys. Some guys ae so sexy they do not need a dick. 2. But if they got it, flaunt it, as guys say. Beautiful guys, Cute guys, Sexy guys, with obvious biggies, are better than most all others with less thans.
    3. The longer and fatter their dicks are along with their good looks makes them more attractive. Not to everybody. Am not everybody.
    4. Oldies do not count to this message of attract, usually.
    5. The phrase is ‘beer can boys’. MOST RARE. ARE THE BEST. !!!
    6. Ugly or less than decent lookers are irrelevant here, whatever the penile details. There is a reality here beyond sizes. Usually. ha ha
    7. Some women tell me to get away from their guy whose big dick and looks do adore. Do go away. The erects say different but the futures are dead. ha ha. Friend ships alter but …. love for them remains in this heart.
    8. SIZE MATTERS. So does decent good looks. Together … BLAM !

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