The rise of authoritarianism

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John Oliver took a serious turn on his show Last Week Tonight Sunday night, warning about the global trend toward authoritarianism that is especially dangerous for queer people.

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  1. That’s what it’s like for the speed demons to spread lies and “convince” hundreds of millions to believe them.

    Now, let me point out probably the oldest and yet one of the slowest “bots” to spread infinitesimally more “misinformation” [LIES] than what happened during our 2016 campaigns and General Election (combined): the BIBLE. Again, because “so many” said the ‘same’ things.

    1. I never understood why they said the missionaries were right to educate the “savages” when it was actually the cannibals who showed common good sense from the start by cooking the delicious missionaries… ;)
      (Adding a smiley, not to prevent anybody to try new recipes, just to take no responsibility in it…)

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