Australia’s Gay Marriage Survey is one big Waste of Money

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If polls show two-thirds of Australians support same-sex marriage, why is there a voluntary, non-legally binding postal vote happening? That’s what Last Week Tonight host John Oliver wants to know.

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  1. Why did they do it? Very simple: It’s their religious “right” LAST STAND to attempt to declare homosexuality “abominable” …. according to their treasured bullshit, the bible. Just like over here in America, they will USE AND WASTE as much public money as possible to further their bullshit — TO THE VERY END.

    I’m astounded by how Aussies (and New Zealanders as well) will declare online in so many forums (including this one) that their country/government is “so much more progressive than America’s.” That’s fucking laughable. christianity (in all its disgusting flavors) is a full 40% of their population at this time. Fortunately, it’s lessening (like in USA) because their younger population isn’t accepting that bullshit as much as before. But it STILL CONTROLS the vast majority of Australia’s culture — including what’s being shown on the TV and in movies — just like in America.

  2. Another very good video by John Oliver, as usual.

    Who wants to bet that the gay couple in that video after finding out their future tax (and other) benefits for being a couple will definitely marry (if not to themselves, another set of gays)?

  3. More cultural imperialism from amerika.

    If the Aussie’s think changing the law will be easier after a referendum , leave them to it. The backwoodsmen have to be carried along.

    Oliver’s funny but not half as funny as he thinks he is, marriage is not for everyone, a lot of my queer friends and I don’t wish to be assimilated into a hetero hegemony.

    1. No offense but no one cares if you want to get married or not, marriage quality is a necessity either way.

      Not only because every single person should have the right to 100% equal treatment but also for legal reasons coming into play when your partner gets hospitalised, when it comes to inheriting etc.

      And maybe even more importantly we will never manage to raise a generation of tolerant, empathetic humans while kids grow up learning that you can’t marry if you love someone of the “wrong” sex, that being gay makes you a 2nd class citizen that doesn’t deserve the same rights as any other person.

      1. No offence but you misunderstood my point, probably because you’re not a natural English speaker.
        Nowhere did I denigrate the idea of marriage equality, I was referencing Oliver’s rather too desperate attempt at humour vis-à-vis the guys who didn’t want to get married.

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