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    1. Yes, he is cute — trying to look so studious there.


      “wow he was seriously packing in those shorts”
      I’d say about a 6.5 Magnum. Wonder if he has the fast-loading, multi-fire version?

    1. @Cp. Proton How nice that sounds, as long as he enjoys what he does, seriously. There are youth who don’t like youth because of the immaturity flaws. There are youth who like maturity. And sex workers, well there is some of that around these sites, to each their own huh. A lot of women do that, it is called marriage

  1. I worked for a call service for a few months before I moved from New York to Paris. Loved it. Wish I had started much earlier, but I could never “ask for” money; needed someone else to handle that.

  2. The orderliness of DNA can not but LIMIT the chaotic biological dynamics of the various chemical / hormonal / water works / &c &c &c of the human evolute, the thing we end up as an us with. Here, today, we get a SAN FRAN 58 dickie show off next to a bed. Cocks are varied but are still cocks, except for groins never having one. ha ha Sex can get so various that we say it is chaotic, but, as sex, it has outer limits. Even very violent sex has outer limits, however chaotic with in. OH ! SAN FRAN 58 needs disciplinary correcting.

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