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  1. Just the thing if you want to be disturbed. I don’t pretend to ‘get it’ and I don’t think I want to.

  2. Not everything that can be conceived or imagined qualifies as artistic, and not every composition, however imaginative, qualifies as art. For example, I offer this “Artist Spotlight.”
    This piece of trash is nothing more than “body tagging” – it’s crap and NO, I don’t want to hear the ‘artist’s’ side of it, or what message, if any, he tried to convey.
    The boy is lovely – handsome and fit, and I can think of lots of really artistic things to do with him besides this utter waste of time and effort.

    1. I agree with you, too. What passes for art these days promotes either beauty or discussion. This sure promotes discussion, but not too much beauty.

  3. The 3rd picture looks that he went down on somebody to give them a rimjob and the guy rewarded him with a shower of bloody diarrhea. Disgusting.

  4. I just noticed on that pic hundreds and thousands which means, I assume that he was eating a chocolate and strawberry ice cream cone. It’s still looks disturbing. Why not spray him with yogart and make pretend someone’s jizzed on his face. He looks about 14.

  5. A joke set of pictures. A messsssy guy set of pictures. One has the name JACK WILLS onhis T-shirt. Have some fun. WAKE UP ! Not the nursery songs. RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE [1992].

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