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I’m not sure what the context of this little NSFW animation is but it looks like it might be a teaser for a manga/dōjinshi. Anyway, you can check out more of the artist’s work (and buy their manga) here.

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  1. There’s an actual Japanese str8 porn video (pixelated, of course) depicting pretty much this and more. It’s rather interesting — the only ‘x’ part of the woman is her breasts (non-pixelated, of course) but the male experiences at least 4 erections before the X-rating takes over.

    It’s also interesting to see in so many of these Japanese art renderings/anime show so much “caucasian-ism” in them — faces, light colored hair, eyes, sexual body parts — but also inter.estingly, very little to no body hair (except in the obvious/”necessary” prerequisite areas.)

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