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A true coming of age story, Arrival follows one boy’s journey into adulthood, and the complicated relationships that go with it. It begins with a boy growing up with his mother in the countryside, who then journeys into the big city to follow his dreams. All the while, the two communicate by sending Polaroids back and forth to each other, sharing their now completely different lives.

Along the way, he meets another boy with whom he is determined to share his life with. The main character becomes stuck in a cycle of indifference, rather than standing up and coming out to his mother. The story of the film pulls from past relationships of director Alex Myung. It portrays a modern queer couple, exploring the highs and lows that come with feeling guilty for loving the right person.

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  1. I watched this a few weeks ago. I’m just too much of a realist to ‘fully’ appreciate animations such as this. I’m not against the art [graphics — as long as they aren’t as simplistic as The Simpsons {as a primary example}] or the stories in general, but for serious subjects, I feel real social and political issues are better discussed by real persons. If animations can actually help some of the younger set really understand serious issues, then that’s fine, go for it.

    1. Hard disagree, this just isn’t great animation, the animated frames isn’t high enough to really capture details. Further the style is not realistic enough for the subject matter, its more cartoony in a way that feels like it should be a lighter subject.

      Its extremely immature and small minded for people to dismiss animation as medium for dramatic story telling. Great animation can capture things perfectly that real life actors and cameras could spend a life time trying to capture and still fail at doing so. To dismiss the power of animated story telling as some dumb thing for kids show more your own lack of imagination.

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