Armed Nazis disrupt Detroit Pride

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Detroit’s Pride parade was disrupted by a gun-wielding group of Nazis last weekend. Police escorted the Nazis while they yelled homophobic slurs at the crowd through a bullhorn. They also destroyed and urinated on rainbow and Israeli flags while cops watched on.

While police say their goal was to keep the Nazis and atendees of the Pride parade away from each other, many expressed anger that cops actively enabled white supremacists to disrupt Pride with hateful messages. “Where was Detroit Police when armed Nazis were marching with their NAZI FLAG shouting Homophobic slurs, anti-black racism, and white nationalism you ask? Serving and Protecting THE NAZIS,” one activist wrote on Twitter. “It’s 2019 and cops are escorting Nazis through a pride celebration. Disgusting,” another wrote.

Detroit wasn’t the only city that saw its Pride celebrations disrupted this weekend. Seven people were sent to the hospital in D.C. after fears of an active shooter led to a stampede. People started running after hearing what they thought was a gunshot. It turned out that the whole thing was caused by a straight man waving around a realistic-looking toy gun because he thought someone insulted his girlfriend.

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  1. Since Rohm was executed under the justification that he was a homo suggests the log cabin republicans and others should think again about their support for the gop. Hitler evidently was a closeted gay pedophile but the nazis were ruthless with everyone. I expect neo-nazis to be horrible people as the gop are.

    1. Röhm was executed because he conspired to replace the Reichswehr with the SA, a situation which would have compromised Hitler’s hold on power (he was still not an absolute dictator, depending on President Hindenburg). His sexuality, as well as that of many other members of the SA, had been known for years.

  2. Hitler was a gay pedophile and Trump is transsexual and Obama is John Wayne Gacy’s illegitemate son. Hitler had enough real faults and committed enough horrendous crimes without making shit up. No wonder people believe crap like the Holocaust was fake news.

  3. The only solution to bad guys with guns is good guys with guns. If you’re legally qualified (of age, with no felony, drug abuse, or mental health record), get your CCW permit (if required in your state) and START CARRYING. NEVER LEAVE HOME WITHOUT IT.

    It’s not a perfect world. Anything can happen, anywhere, anytime, and if the SHTF, and seconds count, the police … bless their hearts … are only minutes away …

    1. So you want all of the 50 good people that exist in the world to carry guns?

        1. I doubt it makes much of a difference against the 7.7 billion others (by ‘others’ I don’t mean the Others in Game of Thrones; the Others are impressive people, the others I talk about are better compared with the wights that the Others can raise).

    2. “and if the SHTF, and seconds count, the police … bless their hearts … are only minutes away …”

      Yeah, if they can pull themselves away from either their coffee and donuts or burger and fries. And they will be so pissed from having been torn away from their food/break they will just blow you away with a drink still in one hand.

      But as you say, … bless their [cold, iron] hearts.

  4. What the hell is gop? Actually Hitler was a creepy uncle with his niece Gelli? If he had any paedophilic tendencies it was heterosexual. But apparently he liked to be urinated and shat on by young women. Ernst Rohm being a homoaexual was neither here nor there. He was a revolutionary, who wanted control of certain areas away from private individuals. Most Brownshirts were called beefsteaks, brown on the outside and Red in the middle. But the folks in charge of the pursestrings wanted no track with that. Unions, political enemies and the press were neutered. Rohm did however like them young, blond and willing. Regardless both sides of the Nazis were fucking arseholes. Both Revolutionaries and Reactionaries, alike.

      1. Upi, I even had to look up Grand Old Party. The Republicans are just like the Tories. Do as I say, not as I do. Folk are wondering who the next Prince Minister of the UK is? I hope its not Boris Johnstone. What Scotland needs is a selfish lying cunt like they need a hole in the head. But that is what we’ll get. I think the 1st Thursday In May 2021 would be a good day for a Referendum. The same day as the next Scottish General Election.

        1. BJ in office might be a good thing. Drive more votes towards Nicola. I can’t wait for the next referendum.

    1. “…he liked to be urinated and shat on by young women.” Where do you get this kind of bull sh*t? And, no, I’m not a fan, but there is nothing in his history to suggest that sexually he was anything other than an uptight,Teutonic puritan. He wouldn’t even allow off-colored jokes in his presence.

  5. What I meant to write was Prime Minister, not Prince Minister. But beware Americans, Boris Johnstone could be a future President. He’s 53 and was born in New York. Be scared, be very afraid. Bawawawah.

  6. My son and his wife just got back from a 3 week vacation in London – they had a great time, and didn’t even get knifed. NO, he didn’t ‘try’ driving on the wrong side of the road.

    1. If you are enthusiastic about real history, theatre and art – then London is a wonderful place. That’s about it. London society has changed beyond recognition this last 30 years and it’s a common recognition that London is no longer representative of what is British. London is a highly successful international center — perhaps the first truly ‘World’ city.

      1. I could probably spend a month between the Imperial War Museum and the British Museum. I would love to go in June for the Trooping of the Color, or in August for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (luv them bagpipes and drums), or in September for the last night of The Proms … and then there’s the architecture, the history, the ruins of ages past … I guess I’d have to spend the entire summer there to see everything I really want to.

          1. And then I got all emotional.
            Typical Scot… raging angry or maudlin’ drunk.

            The singer is one (was, recently died.. sigh) of the last travellers. Very deep history going back many centuries with very distinct culture and many songs. Set to music by Martyn Bennett, also dead at very young age, but his mother is still going and she’s brilliant.


  7. Do try to read Hitler’s book Mein Kampf (My Struggle) and get to page 35 or so and on the 2nd try get no further than his encounter with the dirty Jew. A mere infantile story. Why USA Nazis hate Sexual Liberating goes to their desire to keep the white race pure. Little difference from Islamist killers who want to keep / make their purity. Buddists, Hindue, and other fightters in India want purity. The USA is a false purify of many other systems but it is the best of all the rest. Impure as it is. Sexual Liberating under the Hippie Prism Flag is to say we are ONE under the same SUN. Not every one agrees. Even the lgb&c do not agree. This writer does not agree. Fuck Nazis.

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