Arizona Supreme Court tells businesses it’s OK to discriminate against gay people

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Whatever happened to Christians leaving the judging to god? The Supreme Court of Arizona just ruled in favour of two Christian business owners who sued the city of Phoenix so they wouldn’t have to abide by its requirement to provide services for a same-sex wedding.

In 2016, the “devout Christian” owners of Brush & Nib — an Arizona-based business that makes hand-written calligraphic invitations and signs — sued the city of Phoenix because the city’s anti-discrimination ordinance allegedly violated the company’s freedom of speech (ie. their right to refuse service to people they think are dirty sinners).

Brush & Nib’s co-owners Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski sued to overturn the city’s civil rights law before any complaints could be filed against them. They also wanted to post a sign saying that they refuse to serve same-sex couples.

In its decision, the court wrote, “Our holding today is limited to Plaintiffs’ creation of one product: custom wedding invitations.” As such, the ruling doesn’t apply to all businesses in Arizona, but it’s not hard to see how it could.

After all, anti-gay Christians owners of wedding-related businesses — bakeries, florists, videographers, wedding dress makers — have piped up all over the oh-so-free United States stating that their religious beliefs compel them not to serve The Gays.

So really, what’s the difference between these businesses and Brush and Nib? Little to nothing. And if these business fight for their right to discriminate against same-sex couples, Arizona’s Supreme Court seems prepared to give them permission.

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  1. So maybe companies in the USA (since it seems to be a real problem over there) should be required by law to state that they do not comply with whatever regulations govern how gay, lesbian or whatever people are treated. If people went to a website that said “we don’t do gays”, most of these problems would disappear.

  2. @Backflipboy

    “” most of these problems would disappear.””

    Would they? Or rather should they disappear? I think they shouldn’t. Any kind of bigotry, especially based on the belief of an invisible friend should be unacceptable, final.

    1. *fiend, an invisible fiend, not friend. At least according to what over 2000 years of history taught us… ;)

      This is a lame court decision that will hopefully be overthrown. We can’t start discriminate against LGBT again, especially not make them more of a “special” case than blacks or women, etc. This legislation would set a precedent. Muslim business owners could also use the excuse of their religion and their own holy book to discriminate against Christians, for instance. And again, history taught us that such official support of discrimination always drifts into a legitimation of violent acts by some violent people who misinterpret the legislation. It gives them the slightest excuse they need to exacerbate their hate and mental disorder.

      1. As a teenager in the 50s, I had a friend who actually thought the term was “homosexfiend.” Two of his friends and one kid’s younger brother were gay, but he never associated them with these unknown “sex fiends.”

  3. Spoiler: it isn’t your right to have a company make a sign for your wedding.

    Spoiler 2: it is a company’s right to deny making you that sign

    This country was founded on freedom of religious expression, not freedom of sign businesses.

    1. Probably exactly what the Nazis said when they justified businesses not serving Jewish customers.

      Good thing businesses have more rights than people.

  4. Sooner or later one of these “business license regs vs religious freedom” is going to have to make it to the Supreme Court, who will have to decide, in its infinite wisdom, whether:

    “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF…”

    actually means exactly what it says, or something else entirely. Laws against discrimination have moved this country forward in lots of venues, but as with everything, there are no absolutes. One consolation – businesses that choose to discriminate against some customers invite boycott by lots of other customers outside their targeted group. Most don’t end up doing well…

    …except the smart ones. Many wedding services providers have taken to ‘contracting’ with all the local churches that refuse same sex weddings. These ‘contracts’ require the providers to only accept wedding customers recommended by the churches they’re signed up with. A sign explaining the policy is posted, and as long as they are happy to serve everybody outside of weddings, they’re good to go.

    See ya in court.



      1. You’re right! No American is under any compulsion to adhere to any religion, although the progressive socialists want you to believe in their mythology of man-made climate change.

        Many European countries have an official state religion, and support that denomination with public taxation. Furthermore, European monarchs are not just heads of state, but heads of their church, making them both Pope and Caesar to their subjects. But even republics like Germany still levy a tax that supports the Lutheran church.

        Count your blessings Penboy, that you live in a land where you can avoid being blessed.

        1. “No American is under any compulsion to adhere to any religion,”


          Since 1954, UNDER COMPULSION, we had to say under “god” in the Pledge of Allegiance.

          Since [at least!!] 1956, EVERY SINGLE ITEM OF OUR CURRENCY ESPOUSES In “god” We Trust. UNDER COMPULSION? We can’t live in America without SOME moneys — FOR SURVIVAL.

          I along with millions of other boys and girls went to a [n all-boys] VERY PRIVATE, VERY RELIGIOUS boarding school and I WAS FORCED TO ATTEND A “CHAPEL” EVERY SUNDAY FOR OVER 3 YEARS.

          When I joined the military, I WAS UNDER COMPULSION to “select” a CHRISTIAN religion for my DOG-TAG. I DIDN’T HAVE A FUCKING CHOICE except to select a christian “religion” — THEY DIDN’T (AND STILL DON’T) OFFER “ATHEIST.”


          So, don’t fucking attempt to tell me that I’m NOT FORCED INTO SOME FUCKED-UP BULLSHIT “RELIGION.”


          “Count your blessings Penboy, that you live in a land where you can avoid being blessed.”

          Except I don’t as I pointed out above. Just like the pile of shit Trump, YOU CAN’T STOP LYING ABOUT “god” and “religions.” You are so fucking BRAINWASHED with that BULLSHIT.

          And for the record, I WANTED TO — SINCE BEFORE I WAS 12 years old.

          1. FIRST, thank you for your service to our glorious republic. Confusion to our enemies!

            Yes, In God We Trust decorates our money, and yes, the school you went to and the military made you jump through religious hoops, but you were never forced to believe in the God they advertised to you. And when reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, you can always just skip or lip-sync over that part that so offends you. Just chalk all that up to prevailing custom, and that it’s not a perfect world. Obviously, you got over it.

            So, here you are, all grown up – you’re a big boy now – and living free and openly as an atheist. The government couldn’t care less, for as I said before, you are under no compulsion to believe in any divinity.

            BTWW, I too went to an all-boys private (day) school, and we had chapel every morning. Fully one-third of the student body was Jewish, I and many other boys were raised Roman Catholic, and yet we all had to endure a Protestant service. So what.

      2. It is BULLSHIT in the USA that free exercise has been warped to include “I should NOT be required to bake you a cake” because my religion teaches you’re an evil sinner. No one forced you to open a business that sells products or services to the public. You wanted to do it.

        Brush & Nib’s co-owners Joanna Duka and Breanna Koski also wanted to post a sign saying that they refuse to serve same-sex couples. I agree! Businesses should be allowed to post such signs. I’d love to see their reaction as most people chose to go somewhere else for their needs. Be a proud and out bigot.

  5. This is a “stupid alert”. Any store, company, or whatever that refuses service based on sexual preference is too backward to do business with.

  6. I honestly don’t have a problem with any business refusing service based on sexual orientation, gender, race, etc so long as they prominently post a notice in their business and/or on their WEB site (as applicable), so that I don’t accidentally support any that have those sentiments.

    They all have competitors and I’m perfectly happy going somewhere else even if I’m not the one being discriminated against. Attempts to force people to change rarely work, far better to convince them to change willingly.

  7. — The free exercise of religion has nothing to do with the [ free ] exercise of business. BUT … who interprets what and how do they do it ? Even the NAZI people believe very firmly in freedom.
    — Many homosexual millionaires fear bankruptcy due to any explouting of their proclivities.
    — Pro-homo sexual businesses extra advertising as such is a better strategy than some boycott. Making such worth their showing is better than a homo boycott of the others.
    — The publicity of sexual oddities, unusuals, inconsistencies, off the statistical charts of the sex acts, &c &c &c, is more useful than mere complaints.

    1. OH ! Forget ! As Madalyn Murray O’Hair points out, the Treaty the USA makes with the North African Moors back then does say “we are not a Christian Nation”. Such Treaties are equally Constitutional.

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