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  1. The “TRAP” as hear it here sounds like it is the one who gets into the trap is at fault, a double trap. Nice hunting !
    — On the video, it is, as they say, the male who has got to know if a girl / woman is really a male. As if it is obvious ? OH. Some males fall for it, some are stricken, and some move on, upon discovery. Oh. Really ? . Dick pretends cunt and cons the cunt-seeker into cunt-finding behavior and makes the dick-cunt-want pay for the con. Triple trap. GOOD HUNTING ! To make it public makes it a QUAD.
    —- Am obviously not aware of much of, nor of understanding of much of, the trans thing.
    —- Do decline any trap. Trans Trap Rap is its own thing-a-ling. Seeming to be a contrary-ing funning.

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