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  1. I thought this doctor and nurse scene was taken straight from a porn movie from the 80s, well, it’s from the 80s but not porn.
    Another Norwegian movie from around that time, looks like a terrible movie but with more than just a back shot:–KA?t=1755

  2. Ah yes cough, first time a bit of a shock. Done efficiently, rapidly and no time to get embarrassed

      1. ANERICAN Doctors and Nurses and Orderlies and Security and … others …. will happily rape and other wise molest a good looking guy with a nice dick. Tthey will do it top, up, down, back, front, &c. Am a witness and a victim. NO ! I am not making more of what. They try to kill me as I am gay.and open about it. Do witness gay rape and str8 rape. They torture me because I am an out and out gay. Plugs, raw rubs, anal and oral and penis inserts,
        Some thing ugly of a fall down and of a need of a knee surgery. MRI, &c. I am 68 years old and they rape me. A female nurse does that. Drugs and Narcotics and then she and rape. I am not making something ugly. Torture. Medical. REAL.
        They complain that I complain.

  3. Q — why do extra terrestry not of this planet cpme her to fuck us up
    a — we bee doo it on our own. Evere see the ET mpovie ?
    q — yes. Get a hard on during it because of kids and C T Howell groin and more. Why ?

  4. The End Of The World 1962 Skeeter Davis … why do these eyes of mine cry …. It [ the world ] ended when you said good bye. GOOD BYE is a nice way to say fuck you. That might be to say what to say after having a way with you. Bye Bye Baby Good Bye 1965 Frankie Vali.

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