Teen says parents installed cams to keep him from masturbating

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A teenager from Alaska took to Reddit to ask for legal advice after his parents installed security cameras in his bedroom and bathroom. The 15-year-old was caught masturbating by his dad after which his parents made him promise that he would no longer touch himself.

According to the teen his family has a rather outdated attitude towards sexuality. They believe that any sexual activity before marriage is taboo. He was also not allowed to participate in his school’s sex ed classes.

His dad told him that he will check the cameras daily to hold him to his promise that he would no longer masturbate. Something that, if true, would be illegal in most countries of course.

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  1. This is a prime example of the absolute sickness of the religious (chrissssstians in the Americas). This is no different than sending a child to a gay conversion/”pray the gay away” place to live away from the family and be indoctrinated (thoroughly brainwashed) into even more “god” bullshit.

    1. Will you please get over it, Penboy? It gets so old. This is a prime example of a moron, nothing more. I’m a Christian, and know many others. None would even think to do something like this, and find the behavior just as heinous as anyone. Because there are idiots who claim to be Christians doesn’t mean all Christians are idiots. That’s like saying all gay guys who post on related forums are small-minded, hate-filled bigots, based on the behavior of a tiny minority.

      1. “I’m a Christian, and know many others.”

        Which proves the level of mental illness you (and those MANY others) suffer.

        I am the Lord thy God. Thou shalt have no other Gods but me.
        For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:
        Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness [of any thing] that [is] in heaven above,

        This only BARELY scratching the surface of how mentally you are — and yet you all claim to be “normal” — even to the point of FORCING this TOTAL BULLSHIT DOWN OUR THROATS ON A DAILY BASIS.

        You “believe,” yet you HAVE NEVER SEEN OR HEARD FROM THIS “god.” If you say you have, YOU ARE A LIAR.

        No, what’s TIRESOME and old is the crap you keep chirping about a NON-EXISTANT ‘IMAGINARY THING’ with your PRAYERS and your CON-MEN PASTORS AND PRIESTS.


        “Because there are idiots who claim to be Christians doesn’t mean all Christians are idiots.”

        Seriously? You believe in this absolute CRAP and you INSIST ON BEING considered “intelligent?” Serously? No, you ARE THE FUCKING IDIOTS.

        THERE IS NO “god”. PERIOD. But you’re too fucking stupid to understand COMMON LOGIC AND SENSE.

          1. “Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.”

            I read it …….. now, WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO WEEP ABOUT?

            You’re so fucking brainwashed.

  2. I got caught once. My dad told me it’s normal, don’t be embarrassed. He even told me he does it once in a while. He just said next time make sure I lock the door so my mom or sister don’t walk in and catch me.

    1. There are two sorts of men in this world; those who have the occasional ham shandy or those who tell lies.

  3. They say the free market spirit goes hand in hand with religious fundamentalism. So they could theoretically sell those camera pics and videos so they can make lots of tax free money. Or they can combine the two and sell it to the local priest to wank to. Although I was raised Church of Scotland (thankfully lapsed and burned,) there was a priests house across from my Orphanage. I helped out for 3 years before he left for England. I started wanking him off at 12 which soon lead to oral and anal. (Receiving of course) Happy memories.

  4. Hopefully he can squeeze the odd wank out and about in the nature. Might get a taste for it.

  5. @Wolfboi3

    Actually, YOU get over it. Penboy is absolutely right. I also had the wonderful indoctrination sessions in catholic school about sex and how dirty it was.My friends from the “other” religion went through the same bullshit. Hitchens was right. Religion poisons everything. Look at the anti abortion bill in Alabama. Women’s rights taken away because of some religious dick heads.

  6. @Ralphybell

    That’s disgusting. The safest place should always be your own bedroom. Always.

  7. Seems consistent with christians, they want to see young kids naked, too bad the kid is being coerced into complying.

  8. Masturbation isn’t just safe, fun, healthy, and a universally enjoyed ice-breaker and social lubricant between teenagers of all genders, but not jerking off is definitely unhealthy, and this ridiculous surveillance should qualify at some level as mental cruelty and abusive. I would bet Alaska’s version of ‘child protection services’ would like to look into this situation…

    …before the boy goes crazy, then postal, and kills his parents while they sleep, and no court in the country would convict him.

    1. “and no court in the country would convict him.”

      Except, of course, the courts in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, East Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, and probably Florida and Utah.

    1. Not really, generally, masturbation is ‘fucking’ in a hand …… or with some toy. :-)

  9. 1) The Daddy is [also] a homo. Daddies are not new to homo relates. 2) Control of the other lover’s sex is what does often happen in real life. Not At All New. Not new even to COMPLETE fucking and dick and ass control. Sex slavery is not a new. 3) This sounds like a Daddy who wants to rape HIS under age BOY. Daddy wants HIS own personal BOY fucking BOY and wants that BOY’s dick and ass and body under Daddy’s complete control Except, Daddy has marriage … so there is a sort of limit. 4) Not new is some cover story, such as some xtian religious cover story. Blaming the BOY for misbehavior is another. Disfiguring the BOY’s dick as a consequence of the BOY’s personal interest into making the BOY into the Daddy’s male cunt is NOT NEW. 5) The DADDY as a sexual controller is not new to the homo crowds. 6) See a lawyer.

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