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  1. A beautiful video and a hauntingly lovely song. As always you introduce me (and I am sure others also) to new and exciting music, and a moving story, thank you.

  2. A lovely repeat. I don’t remember what I said the first time you presented this except I enjoyed him pulling out the dress from the lunch bag.

    The black and white idea can always be nice for artistic sake, but for this case, I don’t feel it was necessary to use that “soft/fog” filter quite so much, since youth can offer so much beauty without “extras” such as this boy. But, it’s “OK” too, I just felt it was used a bit too much.


    Here’s a consideration for “boys” who wish to be “girls” (and visa-versa as well) [… just a consideration …. so don’t go postal about it …]:

    For boys who truly wish to have their penis “removed” and wish to grow “real” breasts and have a vagina replace their penis ….. it’s entirely possible (and probable?) that they don’t think through the changes, both physical and psychological, that will occur during their lives, particularly when they will get older. For boys to girls, I don’t know how much estrogen they will get and how (much and varied) it will affect their physical lives. How will they react to sagging breasts when they reach 45+ and even later, menopause? And the same for girls to boys — how much testosterone will affect them later in their lives (for example, how much and where body hair will grow that may not be wanted).

    I think a lot of this may be the “here and now” desire for the change and their feelings today. I’m not against these changes, just offering up another consideration to be thought through. When they’re young and going through school(s), what others say and think can be devastating to them as they sort this out in their minds.

    Just another consideration.

    1. @Penboy

      “”How will they react to sagging breasts when they reach 45+ and even later, menopause?””

      The same way fat men react when they see their breasts start sagging.

      You used the dreaded word “wish”. Does a boy wish to be a girl the same way a boy wishes to be gay? What if it actually was a need. A need to be who they really are inside? Now that would certainly be closer to truth.

      He’s young. Yes so many things could change as he grows up and get a better understanding of how he is. Still if it turn out it was need instead of a wish it will be what is crucial at that moment or realization of self.

      Black and white. Soft filter. What is needed(yes) to be expressed. Neil Diamond said “We Dream, we dream while we may”. And this is what that video is. Apparently we dream in black and white. Then there is the fact that a lot of kids live in cement boxes where trees are about an inch in diameter and planted like flower pot ornaments having no more usefulness than to be pleasing to the eye.

      So. Well we all dream of that place well hidden in the woods 5 minutes from our bedroom where we can go hide or share with our bestest friend. Where everything that happens there is seen through the soft filter of the mind. Where only good things happen and where only happiness reign. It is our inner castle and fortress. It doesn’t exist but, hey, sometimes it does exist!

      Have you ever thrown glitter in the air? In this case it clothes him because someone accepts him</B for who she is. Now THAT is a wonderful dream. But what does really await her when she wakes up?

      1. “He’s young. Yes so many things could change as he grows up and get a better understanding of how> he is.” Should read as who he is.

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