Andi Mack delivers gay teen romance in show’s finale

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Disney’s Andi Mack concluded its three-season run with a series finale that included the first gay romance on Disney Channel. Spoilers ahead.

The show already made history with its character Cyrus, who earlier in the show admitted to his friend Buffy that he had a crush on Andi’s boyfriend, Jonah. Later, Cyrus became the first character on Disney Channel to say the words “I’m gay” when he came out to Jonah.

Andi Mack pushed that storyline even further during its series finale episode where Cyrus and his friend TJ appear to embark on a romantic relationship. TJ shares with Cyrus his real name and the conversation progresses from there…

The series finale concluded with the gang singing along to Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

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  1. When CHAD LOWE plays in the short series SPENSER, they are obviously a homo and a body expressive as for any to see that the self showing of the body in the movie SILENCE OF THE HEART is an obviating of the body for all to see, for homos especially. Desire to say that the homo thing in movies is as new as the tv show THE RIFLEMAN with the sweet cute boy acting as the son, JONNY CRAWFORD. We make the actors and their acts as queer as we want and wont. The makers of all such are not unaware.
    — Mere hints are less than interesting. Now a days, they make it all a mere a hint. Crotch and ass are less of a see.

  2. This was actually pretty good. It was similar to the scene in the Fosters but this one rang a little closer to true – at the age these boys are being set at a lot of confirmation is done without words and with simple actions like a hug, a touch, holding hands etc… it worked for me.

  3. Disney’s homophobia is shining through once more ….. the way both of them looked at each other (probable edits, I’m sure), I seriously doubt they just wanted to hold hands and interlock their fingers — those were obviously pre-kissing looks and attitudes — not “let’s hold hands” looks.

    Also, the one on the left has a similarity to a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, circa Third Rock From The Sun, but without the long hair.

  4. David Cassidy of THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY tv show [1970 to 1974] has a show off of the crotch and it is on show, but, there is no showing it off. No need to. Now a days, there is no show. Tits are harder to hide. So they show it off. There are those who complain that high school wrestlers have a groin genital show and the show gives us as little of any thing in between the actual match as possible now. Swimmers similarly. As examples. — Must be am seeing not accurate.

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