For the first time ever, a Disney character said “I’m gay”

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Andi Mack‘s Cyrus has become the first Disney character to say: “I’m gay.” During a recently aired episode of the Disney Channel show about teenagers, Cyrus finally worked up the courage to tell his friend Jonah that he’s gay.

The 13-year-old revealed his sexuality at a Jewish mourning ceremony for his grandmother, introducing Jonah to his family’s different foods before adding: “That’s gefilte fish—skip that—and I’m gay.”

Cyrus had previously come out to his friends Andi and Buffy in season two, but held off on revealing he was gay to Jonah—who he used to have a crush on—until Friday’s season three episode “One in a Minyan.”

Joshua Rush, the 16-year-old actor who plays Cyrus, wrote on Twitter after the episode aired, saying: “Every day is a blessing working on this show. This milestone is just another stitch in a rich and vibrant tapestry that is Cyrus Goodman.”

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  1. I wish it had been that easy when I was a kid. Those are words I wanted to say so much to the block of stone I adored. The stupid thing is that it would probably have been that much of an anticlimax. Instead I struggled.

    I know I should be commenting on the Disney part and the great thing that the boy said “I’m gay” but, milestone or not this should be normal, and should be received with a smile.

    [I’m using my alternate name. I am IOMfAtS here normally. I just wanted to be more personal, I guess. And the link behind my name is different, too, leading to my own struggle. I guess I’m not yet brave enough to reveal my full name here in plain sight]

  2. Next year, Jonah would have answered:
    ― Yeah! Free BJ!

    The year after, there won’t be any coming outs, anymore than there are straight coming outs.

    By 2022, everyone will be gay, in the 1-99% spectrum. Straight too, in the same opposed range.

    This might seem silly today, when we already had the first youngest gay kids kiss in another series, but given that it’s Disney that has been quite reluctant to this kind of social progress for “what about the kids” grown-up finance men reasons, it’s quite a milestone, even if it’s incredibly late, as Timmy said.

    I so wish it wouldn’t be associated for life with stinky gefilte fish though.
    Other networks usually go for rainbow or unicorn clichés, this is rather an unusual choice… Just kidding, I love gefilte fish, about the only way to cook these bony carps anyway.

  3. Here’s 2 movies that some will like or hate. The first one is just fucking bizarre about ultra-orthodox jews that prove them to be just as fucked up as “orthodox” muslims. The second is the usual [Disney] “feel-good movie” with the youngest of the Bridges clan (at that time) — Jordan Bridges.

    The first one is Sinner (2009). Watch at your own risk.

    The second one is The Thanksgiving Promise (1986). Bonding with a goose for a nice holiday movie. This was originally a made-for-TV movie.

  4. I’m still waiting for a popular movie/TV show that shows an authentic gnostic atheist that outright tells another [religious] person “You know your religion is nothing but total bullshit, don’t you?

    Indignation (2016) comes close when Logan Lerman who plays the lead tells the “Dean” of the [jewish] college [in Ohio] that he’s an atheist — but then purposely softens that entire intention with him coming down with Appendicitis — ridiculous timing, to say the least. But there’s a GREAT old car in this movie — worth watching just for it — OK, Logan is still good looking, too.

  5. “until Friday’s season three episode ‘One in a Minyan.'”

    Actually, it’s NOT the first time. In the [Spring?,] 2018 Disney production, Love, Simon, the character, “Simon” [Nick Robinson] — through a voice over of his email on screen and TWO other characters [as well as their real-life personas], declared themselves gay.

  6. The use of the phrase ‘I am gay’ makes any words of an alternative a quest.
    — Under 18 y o boy actors saying so on a regular tv show is a demonstrate of homosexual pedophilia merely by any considerate of the ages of the makers of the show. The failure to show actual homosex makes the show lesser than real than it is. With out under the boardwalk types of activity, the mere show of ‘as a gay’ means nothing as the regular show of other behavior having no name. THIS ISSUE IS NOT NEW TO NOR FROM THIS WRITER. IT IS THIER CONSIDERATE ALSO. The THEY say it aloud and these eyes see it writ about years ago.
    — CUTE video. Thanks ! ! The seeing of a CUTE BOY is always a happy making.

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