Disney delivers another Teen Coming Out & that’s great

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Earlier this week, it was reported that The Disney Channel was about to broadcast its first-ever coming out story using a recurring character in their teen drama series Andi Mack, oneof the network’s top performing shows. Well, the episode premiered this Friday (it was the first episode of the show’s Season 2 premiere) and we have a clip of the coming out scene below — it’s pretty sweet.

The context of the Andi Mack coming out scene

Cyrus is friends with the show’s titular heroine Andi Mack. Andi has a crush on the local cutie Jonah, and Cyrus has been totally supportive of her crush. Supportive, that is, until he sees Jonah and Andi actually kiss in the Season 2 premiere. Afterwards, Cyrus realizes that he’s jealous because heactually has a crush on Jonah too. Uh-oh…

Feeling odd about the entire thing (remember, these kids are teens), Cyrus goes to the local cafe to meet his friend Buffy. That’s where the scene begins….

Why the Andi Mack coming out scene is a big deal

The Disney Channel has been taking several gradual steps over the recent past to introduce gay, age-appropriate content to its young viewers, but this is the first time that they’ve had a majorly visible gay character who isn’t just a one-off.

Almost 94 million households receive The Disney Channel. That’s a lot of viewers who might see Cyrus’ coming out story and realise that having same-sex attractions doesn’t make you weird or any less worthy of your friend’s love.

Cyrus’ coming out story arc is also supposed to develop throughout the entire season, giving viewers multiple chances to see a young gay person navigate his feelings with his friends by his side.

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  1. This looks like a slightly different take on young tweens (10-13) coming out or being gay in America than how The Fosters handl[e/ed] it. Let’s hope this one does better and lasts longer (and spreads to more actors).

    If it’s not done properly, it will FAIL because of 2 primary reasons:

    1. Corporate sponsorship “concerns” about YOUNG gay characters — They are so “concerned” about whether their products/services will sell if they even remotely “endorse” YOUNG gay characters.

    2. Our disgusting religious right — they will relentlessly pursue the removal of gay characters from any and all shows directed towards the younger sets and the boycotts of as many advertisers as possible from those shows. They will LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, EVEN MURDER — whatever it takes to get their dwindling public (congregations) to go against anything even remotely gay on TV and the movies.

    The first couple on The Fosters — Jude and Connor [Jonnor] — were doomed from the start because they tried to “start” the relationship without even considering the most important element for a young couple to begin: initial eye contact. Rather amazing, considering the primary writers are gay. There were so many fabricated “problems” written into their relationship, there was no other option but to fail (the last one being the most ridiculous: “receiving a penis pic of Connor” from a gay BOY to a gay BOY.).

    Good luck to this series.

  2. I don’t think the gayphobemaniacs will be able to do anything to stop this Walt Disney show this time, but I imagine they’ll try hard, maybe even call upon the Crazydent to intervene.
    Disney was long overdue being representative of all diversity as it should have, as a role model for all kids. And no, the little demon hinting at being gay in the previous animation does not count. That might even be called demonizing the gays…

  3. Couldn’t they have done it 50 years ago? No, they couldn’t have, cause they earned more money not doing it. Now they earn more money doing it. Who knows, 20 years from now they might, again, earn more money not doing it. Let’s all clap our hands for Disney and other Americans doing whatever it takes to become even richer. Hooray.

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