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Arden is an introvert kid growing up in a strict Catholic orphanage during the 1960s. After joining the choir to boost his chances of getting adopted he is so insecure about his voice that he just pretends to sing during practice.

With the arrival of Mr. Stevens, the new music teacher, his farce is discovered but instead pf punishment he gets support from his new mentor. As Arden becomes more confident with his singing, a friendship is formed.

But a stern Mother Superior notices changes in Arden´s behaviour and, concerned with his attachment to the teacher, breaks them apart. Abandoned once more in his life, Arden will struggle to find his own voice.

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  1. It was OK, nothing special. I’d rather watch Waterloo (1970). Christopher Plummer was perfect as Wellington, and Rod Steiger’s portrayal of Napoleon will never be surpassed.

      1. So many great lines in that movie!

        The Gordon Highlanders (Scottish regiment in kilts) are advancing in battle order, flags flying, war pipes skirling, drums pounding.

        Napoleon observing them through his telescope, “Has Wellington nothing to offer me but these Amazons?”

  2. “I hate god.”

    Not quite ‘politically correct’ [he’s too young to be and speak politically], but instead, ‘societally correct’ for one who is actually an atheist and/or voices his atheism, but segments of society won’t accept the truth, but instead allow one to hide their true atheism with the ‘prerequisite doubt’ that everyone is “supposed to have at one time or another.” For most societies, “I hate god” simply sounds better and more societally palatable than, “I don’t believe.”

    This is just a more ‘modern’ version of “I’m a deist” which, back in the day, was “in-the-know code” for atheism (or at the very least, agnostic) and again, ‘societally correct/palatable.’

    I think his actions weren’t just because of his “singing ability” and the coach, but more likely his inner feelings about being in a religious [catholic, here] boarding school/orphanage.

    1. All he said was he hated god. I missed the part where he said he was an atheist. As to understanding politics at 12, some do and some don’t, especially in this day and age where we’re drowning in it.

      1. “I missed the part where he said he was an atheist.”

        I didn’t SAY “he said” ….. I said that was “common code.” I think it was pretty clear from this video he definitely wasn’t into catholicism — or any “god-fearing” religion of any sort.

        As far as “politics” at age 12, I knew BEFORE I was 12 that I was an gnostic atheist — without even knowing those words. Some kids can know when they’re fed total bullshit from the religious community — which is as political as one can get. After all, “religion” is more accurately, Socio-Political Ideology.

        1. QUOTE: “…’FALSE religion’ is more accurately, Socio-Political Ideology.”

          Fixed it for you. True religion is THEOLOGY. Enjoy.

          1. THEOLOGY is about attempting to make bullshit credible.

            Thankfully, due to greater public awareness the U.K. has recently made great strides away from all that tomfoolery.
            But, unfortunately trying to show how inclusive we are more than a few backward steps appeasing Islam and especially at times when things Islamic are clearly wrong beyond any point of tolerance.

          2. Upi QUOTE: Thankfully, due to greater public awareness the U.K. has recently made great strides away from all that tomfoolery.
            It is with great sorrow that I contemplate that HM Queen Elizabeth II is near the end of her great life. May God save her. Wait until the coronation of HRH Prince Charles – there’ll be an overdose of “tomfoolery” with that, followed by millions around the world ‘with heart and voice to sing’ God Save The King!

        2. horsey:
          “True religion is THEOLOGY.”

          That is a perfect example of a double negative. First, there is no such thing as a “true religion.” And ALL “religions” are Socio-Political Ideologies. This is a fact. Otherwise Earth wouldn’t have ANY “religions.”

          And “theology”? The very best example and THE definition of FAKE “education.” [see below]


          “THEOLOGY is about attempting to make bullshit credible.”

          Exactly this^^.

          It’s nothing more than FORCING the bullshit of “god” and “jesus christ” onto students (the public, actually) and then claiming every single tidbit found buried in a desert is “some sort of evidence for “god” and “jesus christ” — even if it’s only a wad of [bubblegum wrapper?] paper that was there for over a hundred years (paper WAS around back then).


          Again, horsey:
          “May God save her.”

          If she’s close to death, then it’s fucking obvious that there’s no “god” that’s going to save her (or anyone else). Can it get any more simple AND OBVIOUS than that?

    1. “let’s hope Jonah doesn’t have a SHORT PEN15”

      Why? You’re never going to see it, touch it or even suck it — so why would the length of his “pen15” be any of your business or caring?

      “Smaller” penises (by ridiculous societal measurements) can be just as fulfilling for both the owner and his partner as any other “pen15.”

  3. The video shows the horror of the poor and the poor orphanages. ( Am in one with no nuns. Never think after stories do hear after that that the non-nun orphanage is funnier nor fun. ) From Australia’s regular rape and murder of orphanage boys we might understand SAINT NICHOLAS and why the they make a rapist such as he a saint for Christmastime. &c &c &c

    1. OH ! Forget to comment about the video ! It is nice that he finds his voice and that is the good of the story …. He ends up singing sort of like an angel. He has a real future in mind. He is merely at his start. That is this gay guy’s percept of the video.

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