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    1. You should watch some of those Colombian videos ………… Hard to believe that any more beauty, sensuality and sexuality can come out of nature — until you get to the [East] Asians.

        1. “Are filipino or thai boys cutest though?”

          No. Because, honestly, there are “the cutest” boys in just about every area of this Earth — yours (and mine as well) are actually the narrowest definitions of cute[ness] to begin with — it’s purely emotional and how all of us reacted to our own growing up and sexual awareness environment.

    1. Huh? Almost 80% of the world’s male population is uncut, can’t really say I ever felt like we were underrepresented xD

    2. Only jews, muslims and Americans mutilate boys. It’s legal almost everywhere though, whereas female circumcision is illegal in most places – thank you, feminists.

      1. Because the equivalent to female circumcision would be literally cutting the whole tip of the boy’s penis off. I’m not a fan of circumcision but to compare the two is ridiculous.I’m not even gonna ask which kind of absurd mental gymnastics you used to blame feminism for that.

        1. There are different types of FGM, the most extreme (also the most rare) is the equivalent of cutting off the penis head, yes. But most forms of female circumcision actually practiced around the world involve either just a nick into the female foreskin, or cutting a small part of it off- equivalent to a less than partial male circ.

          Forced genital mutilations of children of any kind should be illegal. People who use this important child rights issue to express their own religious or racial bigotry are disgusting. And feminists have been advocates AGAINST circ for a long time now!

      2. “Only jews, muslims and Americans mutilate boys.”

        That’s 100% bullshit.

        Millions of Asians are circumcised every year — not as much as in decades past, fortunately, but ‘religions’ still have at least a psychological hold onto most societies on this Earth.

        Africans, South Americans, Central Americans and Mexicans still circumcised their boys — wherever there is still a strong catholic (and other ‘religions’) hold on their local societies.

        And let’s not forget there are still thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of European boys still being circumcised.

        While we’re at it, let’s throw in a sizeable population in Australia, New Zealand and throughout Indonesia [islamic].

        1. Perhaps not 100%
          Certainly is not bullshit.

          Circumcision varies across east Asia. Indonesia and Malaysia being Muslim countries embrace the practice. Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia not so much at all. Philippines and South Korea do circumcise boys but — PAST AMERICAN INFLUENCE WAS HUGE IN THIS !

          Surprising amount of circumcision in Australia — but still a minority.
          New Zealand — not much at all.

          Catholics and circumcision? Your idea that the practice has been somehow promoted by the Catholic church is odd. Not correct. Quite the opposite is the fact.

          And hundreds of thousands of circumcised boys across Europe measured against a European population that’s more than twice the size of the USA is just a drop in the ocean. Couple of percent?

          Europe is big.. One reason the USA is somewhat actively against European integration. Obviously, if Europe does get it’s act together and consolidates into a super state then the USA will be knocked into 3rd place globally.

    3. Upi:
      “Certainly is not bullshit.”
      Yes, it is and also, as well, most of what you stated [tinged with the slightest amount of truth]

      “Circumcision varies across east Asia. Indonesia and Malaysia being Muslim countries embrace the practice.”
      Yes it does. [Tinge 1]

      “Philippines and South Korea do circumcise boys but ”
      But, what? BOTH are heavily religious — Philippines in the catholic camps, South Korea in the [mostly] protestant camps. While, yes, American influence helped, BUT it was the general ignorance of those people (read: their governments) to even accept and/or “believe” in that total nonsense. After all, WHY did they think they even NEEDED any other religion [beyond their native bs]?

      “Australia — but still a minority. … New Zealand — not much at all.”
      Never said it was the majority. Relative to their respective populations, their close to the same.
      Australia: Approx. 30% is non-religious. The remainder (the MAJORITY) is of various “religions” The two major denominations, Anglican and Catholic, account for 36% of the Australian population. I wouldn’t say that’s “not much at all.”
      New Zealand: Better with about 42% non-religious. Christianity is the most common religion with about 48% of the population

      “Catholics and circumcision? Your idea that the practice has been somehow promoted by the Catholic church is odd.”
      Not at all. Why else do you think that the most prominent catholic countries of all Latin America has so many circumcised boys? My mother was catholic (probably because of her oldest brother being a priest in New Orleans) and so both of her sons were circumcised (me, loosely, thank goodness). No, catholicism was a huge reason most boys were circumcised. Look it up in objective historical documents. It’s only in the last 4 decades (or so) that catholics have noticeably slowed their circumcisions (but, still far from ‘stopped’ — and btw, American medics had some influence on that as well).

      “… European population that’s more than twice the size of the USA is just a drop in the ocean. Couple of percent?”
      It’s a hell of a lot more than just a “couple of percent.”
      Europe: “More than 75% of those asked by the 2010 Eurobarometer survey expressed positive ‘belief there is a god.'” Of course, “believing” and “religious” can vary wildly, but you can’t have religious without believing. Thankfully, the vast majority of each Euro country still aren’t circimcising their boys, but there’s still a considerable percentage that do and it’s more than you clearly understand and accept.

      UK: christianity (59.5%) / No religion (32.9%) and we all know by now how much islam is “growing” there: islam is now around (4.4%).

      I point all this out simply because religious influence is the single largest factor for the circumcision of boys — either at birth or, [usually, like in the Philippines] [~’just’~] before entering puberty. Medical reasons are miniscule compared to religious factors.

      If you’re going to attempt to “correct” me about “religions”, at least first learn the facts.

      1. I have correctly corrected you… but correction is neither here nor there as dealing with something with deeply historical often gives rise to different viewpoints.
        Anyway facts are facts… nothing to discuss — you’ve stamped your foot or both feet as always.

        I do regret that both yourself and your friend ‘horselips’ epitomise garrulous America. I wish you’d both slow down and each discard your opinionated agenda of the moment.

        Years and years ago more than once the very many teen boys who used to visit and engage this site did complain about the horrid old men who just wouldn’t shut up.

        1. Uhh, I stayed out of this one.

          (For the record, I’m kind of an anomaly – a white American boy born in 1951 who was left 100% anatomically correct. I even still have my tonsils! Thanks, Mom & Dad. Also, my son was left intact as well.)

        2. Except if you would look it up (as I did), you will find your ranting against me is baseless. And, NO, you didn’t “correct me.” But you’re too fucking arrogant to admit that what I put out is correct.

  1. Penboy, You are constantly trying to outdo everyone here. Why? We all have something to say. Let us say it without your extra added commentary. Please!! Thank you.

    1. It isn’t a matter of “outdoing everyone” but you’re too fucking stupid to understand that. It’s a matter of FACTS. You must be in the Trump quadrant — you’ll believe anything you’re told by any charlatan.

      What’s fucking amazing even by the gays — is the STILL COMPLETE ACCEPTANCE of the asinine religious privilege through ignorant political correctness — ad nauseam.

  2. Blah,blah,blah, And so on. Clean up your language buddy. I have a nice bar of Ivory for that foul mouth of yours. lol Or are you capable of that having a conversation without being offensive. Oh, never mind. I can see by your past comments here that you are incapable of this. Oh well too bad. Have a nice Day anyway.

    1. “Clean up your language buddy.”

      How about you cleaning up your fucking mind? Oh, don’t like that word? Then stop being so fucking political correct.

      Have a nice day.

  3. Politics has nothing to do with it,Chump!. Why don’t you just write a book. Get yourself an agent and go around the world spreading all that fertilizer to those who don’t know how insane you are. In This country we are still free to express our own views;whether you agree with them or not. Use your brain more instead of just your foul mouth. I love this web site. If you don’t; just pack your bags and just leave. I think we would all be happier if you did. lol

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