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  1. “I don’t think he’s interested in me. :-(”

    That’s because he wasn’t paying attention to his buddy’s body language and he’s obviously so afraid to be “active” in his own desires.

    Interesting, for me, when they make these little videos (and even major movies) that they so often pair up an incredibly cute one with, … well, the total opposite.

  2. Did anyone else notice that you can download the “Afternoon” but NOT the “Evening” — just because it shows a bit more skin. And what’s with that fucking “ADP”? — it’s taken over YouTube nearly entirely so no one can download any videos (or very few). Amazingly, I was able to d/l the first one in decent resolution.

    1. Which tool are you using? youtube-dl works perfectly for me and so does (if you want something with a more intuitive user interface).

      1. Video Download Helper with Companion App — I said, I d/l “Afternoon” [luckily 1280×800] but this ADP conversion wouldn’t allow me to d/l “Evening” and even then, it only offered some super low resolution like 320×240.

  3. it’s not my fav, none of them, while it’s going to be a one-sided love story.

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