After School

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Fifteen year-old Jack is forced to come face-to-face with his growing romantic feelings for his best friend Danny.

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  1. Dante Palminteri was/is gorgeous!!! Funny how 15-year-olds can look anywhere from 12 to 27. Film is short on plot, but long on eye candy.

  2. It is a great film. Comments on You Tube seem to be divided on if its really a gay short. I see it clearly as a slightly younger best friend developing love for his best friend. He’s reading the birthday card in which he wrote “to best bud” but he wishes it were more. He at first hugs with reluctance after his friend learns his puppy died. Then he hugs with more intensity maybe to cover his real feelings. As his friend talks about college and how girls “put out” in college, he seems uncomfortable and the friend asks what’s wrong. He doesn’t want to think of his buddy with any girl.

  3. This ‘segment’ was very well done …. and I say ‘segment’ because there should be no way this is “complete” — it clearly should be part of a much longer video/film.
    There’s major potential for both of these teens to be actors in more complete movies/videos (if not already).

  4. What a lovely short ! And those two young actors : cute & sexy. Yes, Please, a longer film …

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